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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> Merlin's Legacy by Haeton

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Merlin’s Legacy

By: Haeton

Disclaimer: The is a work of fiction based on the Harry Potter series created by JK
Rowling. I do not claim any rights to her brilliant work.


A man stood on a hill overlooking the lands he had so long sought to protect. He had guided the muggles into creating a society that he was sure would one day be the stuff of legends. The man’s appearance was a bit deceptive however; if you looked closely you would realize this was not some frail elderly man but a man of great strength. His eyes in particularly blazed with absolute power. He had a long white beard and wore midnight blue, almost black long flowing robes. The man was once the respected advisor and mentor to a great king. One day this man would be revered as the most powerful sorcerer in history.

“My time in this world is almost over but I fear that one day my knowledge and skill will again be needed”, the man said to himself. “When the world once again descends into darkness, the last of my line must step forward to combat evil. He will inherit my legacy to lead the side of light”.

The man vanished from his hilltop observation point only to reappear moments later at the mouth of a vast cavern.

“Are your people prepared to meet the terms of our agreement”, the man stated to the waiting goblin.

“We are”, the goblin replied simply, “it has been an honor to serve you sir.”

“From this day forward I entrust to you the security of this cavern and the contents I leave behind. Your people may use the caverns as you desire but they remain the sole property of my descendants”. The man continued, “may the future be kind to you and yours old friend”.

The goblin tribe had agreed to guard the contents of the cavern until their people were no more.

The man walked into the cavern and proceeded deep into the earth. The man walked for a long while until he finally reached his destination, which was a large chamber off the main tunnel. At the entrance to the chamber the sorcerer began to cast several enchantments which ensured that entrance only be granted to members of his line. The main chamber contained large quantities of gold, jewels and other valuables he had collected over the last century. At the back of this large chamber there was another entrance, to a much smaller chamber. At the entrance to this smaller chamber he again cast several enchantments. Only his true heir would be able to enter this smaller chamber, and that heir would not come for many generations.

The man proceeded to this chamber where many of his personal items were contained.
He walked to a small table and sat before a large leather bound book and proceeded to write a few last lines in the tome. As he finished writing he opened a small box he had placed here previously, the box contained two rings the man had, had created by a skilled craftsman. The man held both rings in his hand and began to cast a spell he had created for a very special purpose. “When these rings find their rightful owners they will bind to each other and give each other strength and purpose. They will restore the light even as they restore my line. My son though you may be a thousand year away I promise these rings will bring fulfillment to your life.”

“When my true heir comes of age, I bestow upon him all that I am; so that he may defend the side of light and become the man he is meant to be”. The man walked to the center of the room and vanished.

Within the chamber the words “when you are ready”, were heard in the man’s voice.

A boy, almost a man awoke with a start from what had been a most restful night’s sleep. For once he had not dreamed of his godfather’s death, but tonight’s dream had surely been strange. Who was that man and why was he in that cavern? Maybe he was once again having dreams like normal people; maybe it was simply a flight of fancy that did not have to make sense. He finally just relaxed and drifted off to sleep.

“The time grows near for the heir to claim his inheritance,” the ancient goblin said, “in another year you will escort him down to his family vault Griphook”.

“Are you sure oh wise one,” Griphook asked

“Aye young one, the time of darkness has come upon us and the heir will soon come of age,” the elder answered. “When he comes, we will be ready to serve as we once did”.

“Serve humans?” Griphook asked with a sneer.

“Only one,” the elder replied, “only one”.

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