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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> the power to love by lilly_potter

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Lilly sat in her dormitary looking out the window she saw her best friend marie playing with the water in the lake with sirius .She sighed and remembered when she had been down there playing with them but that was in the past.She decided to go down into the comon room . When she got down there there was the boy who she really didnt feel like talking to now.She did like him but only as a friend .

"Hey Lilly ,there is an owl over there for you "

Said James .Lilly smiled and went and took the letter off the owl.She stroked the owl before it departed and took of for the owlery . She tore open the letter and unfolded it and read it in her head . it read as followed

dear Lilly,
This is your father i am afraid i have some terriblr bad news. I know i shouldnt tell you in a letter but it is the easiest way to tell you (Lilly glansed up and saw James was watching her but she turned back to the letter unawere of what news was going to come next)your mother died over the weekend .She crashed into a lorry i am sorry this is so short but i have to go and tell putunia she is at her boyfriend vernon's house i will see you soon love daddy

Lilly stared at the letter in disbelief then when the letter finally sank in she started to tremmble .Then she burst out crying and she dropped the letter .James came straight over and said to her in a very caring voice

"Lilly whats wrong ?"

She didnt want to tell him so she bent and picked the letter up and thrust it to him . He read the story and then looked up at her crying .He said to her while he pulled her into a hug and for once she wasnt moaning she hugged him back

"don't worry Lils its ok you've got us and you have your dad and sirius and Marie "

Then lilly hugged him even tighter she didnt know why but she thought this felt right but she didnt like him did she .But she didnt have time to think Marie had come in and was holding hands with Sirius she looked at James and Lilly and said

"Oh Lilly you and James are together thats great your mum will be so happy "

Lilly burst out crying again and ran past her and up into the dorm.

"What did i do"

Said marie so james explained about the letter and her mum . And he specificly told her that him and Lilly were not together.At the end Marie gasped

"oh no i am so mean ive got to go talk to her her and her mum were always so close "

And she ran upstairs when she got up there lilly was sobbing her heart out on her pillow

"Lilly im really sorry i didnt know are you alright come on lets go back down you need to be open with every one come on "

And Marie tugged at her arm Lilly didnt want to go but couldnt be bothered to refuse so went sloping down the stairs. When she got down she sloped in a chair not wanting to speak she tried to block out the noise around her but it was no use she could hear all the nise and she stood up and shouted


She then ran through the common room door and down the corridor to the library when she felt a cold hand touch her shoulder and squeeze hard

"hello my mudblood friend in a mood are we today things not go right with potty "

Lilly turned around and met with the cold face of lucious malfoy.She was really not in the mood for him today.

"shut up malfoy what would there be to fall out with james with we are just friends so leave me alone"

Lucious smiled and let go of Lilly.She continued walking alon the corridor whaen she heard someone behind her she turned around but nothing was there. So she continued walking down the corridor she wanted to talk to somebody but all of her friends where back in the common room and she wasn't going there.Then she felt the tears prickling her eyes. She wiped her eyes but she wanted to tak to her mum. Then she remembered.She was gone she started crying . She then felt a hand pull her into a classroom but there was nothing there.

"get off James i'm busy ,"

James pulled off his invisibility cloak and turned to face her her looked at her emrald green eyes that were glassing over with tears again.

"go on Lilly cry i know that your on the verge of crying"

And she did she cryied her heart out James pulled her into a hug . She reated her head on his chest and she could feel it moving . She stopped crying and looked up at James his brown eyes looking down at her full of sorrow .

"sorry James i just miss her i dont have any one else."

James looked suprised at this comment she did have someone she had him and all her friends

" you do have someone lil you have me and all of us maniacs we'll be here for you dont worry . come on lets go back to the common room"

She smiled and they walked back to the common room together. When they got back marie and remus where arguing.

"for god sake remus you have to go all the timethen sirius follow you then james then peter "(a.n i really didnt want to put him in but my friends said it would be best)

He stood staring at her while shouting back


Lilly sighed yeah sure she wanted to know where remus went every month but she didnt shout at him she stepped forwards and tugged at marie and said

"come on m leave them to it lets go to bed night remus night sirius night peter night james hey where has james gone."

Remus Sirius and Peter all said good night and then all dissapeared out the common room. i wonder what they do. thought Lilly to herself.what she didnt know was that she would find out sooner than she thought.

there the end of that chap even if you thought it was bad please reveiw i have had 20 reads and 2 reveiws

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