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Harry Potter Alternate Universe >> GP'ers go to Hogwarts - Year 2 by Alex81

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Ch 1 - Tour Tranquillity Grove - By Cassandra

Okay Guys, Year 1 is officially finished and I just want to reiterate what Cassandra has said in the forums. PLEASE NOTE: You are all required to sign the acknowledgment in the Year 2 forum thread. ALSO please follow the posting order in the thread. If it is not your turn DON’T post.

The most important of these things being the rules that we, the original GP’ers, have all put together for second year. Please make sure you read them through them once again, I’m posting them just below this. I would also like to have everyone reply to this message saying if they agree with these rules or not. If you don’t I’m sorry because we really need people to agree to these if you’re going to write for second year.

Also, I’m going to create a separate thread for the bios of GP’ers writers. We’ve had so many people that have needed to repost their bios because they’ve changed them I really want to make sure we have a way to get to all of the bios easily. Trust me this will help a lot when you’re searching for the eye colour of a character or trying to figure out what colour of clothes they would be wearing. Also I would like to ask that if you could please add to your bio any ways to reach you, the writer, in case we need to talk about something. We can always reach each other through PM’s on GP, but having an extra way like through e-mails, MSN, AIM, or something is helpful.

I hope everyone is as excited about second year as I am. Please if you have a time sensitive chapter for the summer go and add it to the list. If your chapter isn’t time sensitive then just add it when you get the chance. We’re going to leave the summer open for a bit to let everyone have a change to write. Please try to get your chapters ready as soon as possible because we are almost there.

Rules are as follows...

A strong commitment to the story!!!! We’ve (the original GP’ers) already put in seven months and it will be much more time as the years go on. You need to want to spend the time on this story. Dedication is the key word here.

Please complete and post a full bio of your character. This includes physical appearance, personality, mannerisms, history, background, anything else of importance. This helps everyone who is writing so we can refer back to the information when writing with your character. Also please add to your bio contact information for the writer. This will allow us to talk to you about plots just in case we can’t get a hold of you on PM.

At least 1000 words per chapters. (smaller chapters may be allowed for getting to know each other on the train and the sorting, but after that time chapters should be of greater length.)

If you ask to do a chapter that is time sensitive (needs to be done in a certain month) you need to write it by that month. Please do not ask for the other writers to wait for you for more than a few days (4 to 5 days) unless you have a real reason why you can’t work on your chapter. Everyone is busy and we know it takes time to work on these chapters, but we all find the time and if you want to write you need too as well.

Run plot ideas by those who have been here longer. We’ve put a great deal of time into our plots and ideas. By talking about our plots together we can bring them all together and not have them interfere with each others. If it is a big plot idea post it in the GP’ers thread so everyone can talk about it.

Respect the other writer’s characters. Don’t bend them to your will just because they’re in your chapter. Everyone has worked hard to make backgrounds, personalities, and real characters. To make sure you’ve gotten a character right, before posting please show your chapter to JeanGreySummers, CassandraSerenity, Alex81, Luna26, or Oddish.

Before thinking about couples for your character look to the list of already taken characters. No offence, but we’ve been here longer and we’ve made plans with these characters. *See the list of couples below*

All chapters should be kept in the PG-13 range. If you plan on going over this you will have to post it outside of GP’ers as a continuance or missing chapter.

The time limit for joining in the New Year is the end of the sorting. Up until that time you can join, but after the sorting is done you will have to wait until the next year. We’re sorry to have to put this in, but we had many people enter in the middle of the year last year and not read the story before they came in. (This rule might be put to the side IF you speak with the moderators of GP’ers and have your characters and ideas approved. You must also read the fic before posting so you know where we are in the year and what is going on.)

Try to keep all chapters done in proper English. Look out for spelling, grammar, and other easy mistakes. We're not all perfect so having a few is alright, but at least make an effort. This means NO netspeak, real words people. We're writers, take pride in your art and do it correctly. We will also have ourselves a Beta in, Chill68, when she is finished with her story A Lost Love. Please be kind to her and treat her with respect she does this because she's a wonderful person and not because she has to!

Stay involved in plot discussions. This does not mean that all of your plots have to involve the "group" plot. They don't. Just keep aware of what we as a group are planning, so that you don't write something contrary to it (for instance, having the Duelling Club cancelled, even though half a dozen of us have Duelling Club chapters.

COROLLARY: If a plotline that you're planning could seriously affect the story's plot, make the other writers aware of it in advance. If you're not sure, and you'd prefer your plot to be a surprise, then PM it to one of the main writers (Luna, Rhiain, Cass, Jean, or Oddish) and ask if it needs to be common knowledge.

Good rule of thumb: start your new chapter as soon as you finish posting your old one. Don't wait until everyone else has posted their chapters and it's your turn already. If everyone does that, this story will take half a century to finish. Most of you will probably live that long, but I likely will not. Be advised, I am not pointing fingers: I've done this as well. And it will happen from time to time. But let's try to avoid it. We have not as of yet established an official time limit, and I really hope that we don't have to.

If you need details from another chapter for part of your chapter, skip that bit and write the part of your chapter that doesn't depend on the other chapter, then come back later. Or, ask the author for the necessary details, and explain why you want them.

Check the story for new additions often: we frequently get bursts of 4 or 5 chapters up. It may be your turn before you expect it.

If writer's block hits you, and it's your turn, see if your chapter can be either delayed (have it take place in April instead of February, for instance), or skipped. Or, feel free to ask another GP’er for assistance. Some of our best chapters were collaborative efforts.

Remember to use other Player Characters (Ray, Magenta, Daniel, etc.) only with their Real World Counterpart's permission. This need not apply to brief mentioning (passing Cassandra in the hall, maybe, or sitting across from Holly at the lunch table).

Unless you obviously have little need for one (that is to say, you have very good punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar), please USE A BETA! No one wants to read incomprehensible chapters. And remember, no wee tiny chapters. Follow the rule of the Ents: don't say anything unless it's worth taking a long time to say. Just make sure that you say SOMETHING.


By Book characters~

Harry/Cho (fifth year)
Harry/Ginny (sixth and seventh year)

Ginny/Daniel (third year)
Ginny/Michael (fourth and fifth year)
Ginny/Harry (sixth and seventh year)

Hermione/Viktor (fourth year)
Hermione/Ron (sixth and seventh year)

Ron/Hermione (sixth and seventh year)

Bill Weasley/Fleur (fifth year on)

Percy/Penelope (third year on)

Fred/Magenta (seventh year)

George/Cass (Always)

Remus/Juliet (Always)

Draco/Cass (first and second year)
Draco/Ray (Fourth year on)

Cedric/Alondra (Always)

Pansy/Seb (fifth, sixth, seventh year)

Cho/Daniel (sixth or seventh year)

Luna/Daniel (fourth or fifth year)

Marcus/Cass (crush, on Marcus’s part, from second year on)

Within GP’ers relationships~

Alondra/Seb (off and on always)

Dorian/OC (will be new character written by Andrew, Always)

Holly/Adam (character created for Holly, Always)

Magenta/Josh (character created for Maggie, fourth year)

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