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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> James and Lily by Alice

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“Darn it,” James Potter, now in his sixth year at Hogwarts, growled as he kicked a fir tree by the lake after being ignored by Lily Evans in the courtyard. “I failed again! Is that witch blind, or something? Did she not see me pants that Snivellus boy, or was someone jamming another textbook in her face?” he glared accusingly at Remus Lupin, his close friend, who sheepishly hid behind the tree. “That was, like amazing; a work of art! I don’t think I’ve ever made more people laugh at Snape’s expense!”
James looked down to his best friend, Sirius Black. He hoped something funny would come out of his mouth.
Sirius, however, could no better find his way around this issue than around today’s Herbology homework. “Well, I don’t get why you like her so much anyway,” He began with a mischievous grin. “I mean, she’s just an angel with sexy red hair and attractive emerald eyes.” James scowled; he knew this was funny to Sirius in some sick way.
James remembered his first day at Hogwarts, when he first saw Lily’s heavenly face. He had welcomed her to Hogwarts with the routine pushing into the lake, but Lily hadn’t been fazed at all, she had just laughed and brushed herself off. Nowadays, a pushing in the lake would set her off like a time bomb.
At the sorting ceremony, he had listened to the names carefully as each child walked up to the Sorting Hat: Brett, Black, Bode, Chambers, and Diggleby, until ‘Evans’ was called. Lily sat on the chair with her stubby legs crossed neatly as she awaited the hat’s response. The hat grunted for a moment then said, “Ravenclaw!”
A tiny voice in the back of James’s head had told him “Oooh, going to join Lily in Ravenclaw, are we?” while another louder voice yelled “No way! Ravenclaw’s for smart brain-people! We wouldn’t want our James in there!” James continued to listen as the hat sorted the children: Pettigrew, Podmore, and then the name ‘Potter’ came from the Sorting Hat’s mouth. James had shakily gotten to his feet to walk to the stool. He rather plunked onto it, biting his tongue and then letting go because he was acting like a muggle.
Of course, it took only seconds before the hat said “Gryffindor!” and the Hat allowed James to sit back at the Gryffindor table. For a second, his and Lily’s eyes met from across the room. He waved, but Lily only putridly stuck her tongue out at him before conversing with the other new Ravenclaws.
That was the first time that James had been morally dissed.
He decided to meet some new friends too. He tapped another first year on the shoulder. The boy who turned around was new Gryffindor, Sirius Black, who, he had heard, had defied years of family tradition by entering Gryffindor instead of his destined Slytherin.
“Hey, er, um…Sirius,” James remembered his name from the sorting. “Did you, um, see that Severus kid?” Sirius gave him a look that said no, duh.
“Yeah, everybody did.” Sirius maintained his bored stare.
James was being obvious again; something Lily would hate him for later. However, Sirius still took the bait.
“Oh, yeah,” Sirius began, feigning interest. “But, he’s so weird. We should call him Snivellus!” James laughed so hard that his entire goblet of pumpkin juice squirted out of his nose.
An insult towards a Slytherin, James thought; awesome! At that moment, James and Sirius became lifetime friends. However, that was a different story. At this time, however, James was too busy looking like a jerk kicking an innocent tree.
“James, I say, if you don’t stop harassing that tree, I’ll be handing out detentions like cupcakes!” Remus Lupin peeked out from the other side of the tree with an array of wet soggy leaves atop of his head, his prefect badge barely visible beneath his oversized robes. Sirius burst out in multiple laughing fits that had him on the ground, immobile in seconds. “What?” Remus shook his head, but the leaves just slid down his robes; and one down his shirt, causing him to jerk from side to side to get the it out. “It’s not funny, you guys!”
Peter Pettigrew, attracted by Sirius’s laughter, approached the other Marauders.
“What’s so funny?” He said in his squeaky voice. Sirius began to explain the ordeal but all that came out was “Moony…head…leaves!” and a bunch of freaky squeals. He continued laughing until his eyes met with those of Peter. He then straightened up and said, “Oh, that was so not funny, Moony,” and James had to make an embarrassing snort to avoid laughing like silly.
“Whatever.” Remus said as he got back to his book, rumpling his hair in a James-like impression.
Sirius remembered a good story after seeing Remus’s book. “Say, James, I heard that Pallamer Hophirk is allergic to werewolf’s fur.” He pulled out a phial with one of Remus’s hairs.
“Excellent.” James said “Monty Burns”-style.
“What’s excellent?”
“Nothing, Wormtail”
“'Nothing' can’t possibly be excellent.”
“Just go away!”
“Fine,” Peter said as he sauntered back inside. As James began to walk, the big clock struck Four.
James turned back to Sirius. “That’s great; don’t let me miss it; I’ve got to go, I’m taking Remedial Potions with Evans.”
James’s heart fluttered a bit as he skipped down to the creepy dungeons.
James stopped at the Potion Master’s office where he knocked the shining silver knocker that looked quite out of place in the dusty dungeons. He could hear the Potions Master, Professor Phineas Nigellus, saying, “I’m coming, I’m coming” from inside.
James sat against the cold brick wall on the dusty floor with his legs out. Even though he didn’t notice, he was vainly admiring them; just perfect for quidditch players, He thought. He had nodded off for only a moment when he heard a scream.
“Oh no, ugh, eff you Potter!” Lily had apparently tripped over his outstretched legs and cracked her inkbottle “Oh…” James saw Lily and smiled, still daydreaming about her beautiful face… He quickly looked around when he received a malevolent stare in return from Lily. James could tell that this could have been one of the many occasions when Lily would begin choking him to death, and found himself lucky that she was too busy scrubbing ink off her fingers onto her wet sleeves to bother doing James any physical harm.
James scrambled around and tried to pick up the damaged bottle. “Eff you Potter and all your stupid friends.” She said as she pushed him out of the way. At that moment, the door to the Potion Master’s office swung open and an unsettled Professor Nigellus appeared in front of it.
“I’m sure that a model student like you couldn’t have said such vulgar words to a fellow student. Miss Evans?” Lily was flabbergasted. “Uh... Professor Nigellus, I… its Potter’s….” Professor Nigellus refused to give any blame to James, as he would much rather take points from the house that was ahead in the running for House Cup.
“For this, Miss Evans, I’ll say, ten points from Ravenclaw and your franchise in Hogsmeade will be shut down for two weeks. Hopefully you’ll hold your tongue next time.”
Lily was almost in tears. She was being punished for something that James had provoked! She gave James a knife-like stare through her watering eyes, as she stormed into the office and sat down. “P-professor Nigellus,” Lily called back when she pulled the wet remains of her inkbottle from her messenger bag, “Potter broke my ink bottle, so my quill is dry.” Professor Nigellus simply reproved Lily with a judgmental shake of his head.
“Why Miss Evans, I don’t think that blaming your problems on others will make things any easier for you. Ten more points from Ravenclaw. Now leave my classroom until you are more prepared for class; especially remedial ones.”
Lily began to sob as she stomped out of the office kicking the broken glass as she left. It was James’s fault that she was even taking remedial classes! He was always pulling her hair and making it impossible for her to learn.
Professor Nigellus sighed as he looked at the two-foot pile of parchment that needed to be graded. “James, I have so much to do today, you may just take the day off, you need to practice so that you can beat Ravenclaw and guarantee Slytherin” he grinned, “a spot in the finals.” James also grinned at not having to die of boredom for a day and shrugged. “Sure, whatever,”

James walked out of the Main Entrance and back to the courtyard; he felt like a complete jerk, and needed to apologize! He looked around the lake until he spotted Lily crying on a brick wall. James looked around below Lily’s feet. He needed a reason to talk to her. He noticed Lily’s neglected “Defense against the Dark Arts: Year 6” book under her right leg. He whispered “Accio, textbook.” The textbook flew through the air and walloped him in the chest, almost cracking his ribs.
He limped over to Lily sat and choked out his words “Evans, you, um, dropped your textbook.” James showed the book in his hands. Lily smiled as James came in closer, and then slapped him hard in the cheek as a large shock was transmitted through her fingertips.
“Aaaah! Oh my god, witch, who taught you to do that!” He howled as he writhed on the floor.
“That’s what you get for being such an inconvenient arse!” Lily spoke matter-of-factly.
James knew not to argue; still cradling his cheek, he spoke. “What’s wrong anyway; it’s just a stupid weekend store. It’s not that important.” Lily raised her hand again and James flinched. She gave a nervous laugh through her newly wept tears, and pushed a lock of hair behind her ears, now burning red. “Well, I don’t have any wizard money and I can only get it from my store. Without it I won’t be able to replace my broken inkbottle.”
James thought this was simple. “Well, I’ll just give you some of my spare change. Here,” James held out about fifty Galleons in three stacks. “But I could never take money from you!” Lily scowled.
James frowned, “Why not?”
“Because you’re you.... Oh you wouldn’t understand.” Lily frowned with small contemplation and mumbled words before beginning. “How can I explain this? Okay, there are two people: Gryffindor A, and Ravenclaw B. Now Gryffindor A is a selfish jerk, as Ravenclaw B is a hard working princess. Understand?”
Lily felt very pleased with herself as she mimed her words with her hands. She felt like smiling visibly because, even though James didn’t know it, he was getting his fifteen minutes with her. James, on the other hand, took this as a simple gap in his busy schedule.
Lily didn’t despise that about him, she thought it made him seem important, and sexy. James was trying to comprehend her point without looking like an absolute idiot.
“Oh,” James said quietly. “Yeah, I get it…sort of.”
“Potter, look, you just stay off Snivellus’s tail for at least a week. He’s got to study for his N.E.W.T’s; something you guys probably haven’t studied a day for.”
James decided to take a leap. He slowly closed in on Lily.
“You’re a real witch, you know that?” he said quietly, while reaching to stroke her hair. Lily grabbed his hand and twisted it behind his back.
“Don’t push your luck, Potter. Just stay off Snape’s back, and we’ll go from there.”
Lily got up to leave.
“Ok, whatever you say, Evans.” James muttered, grasping his injured forearm.
Lily turned around quietly.
“Lily,” she spoke. “Call me Lily.”

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