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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> The Girl by GothicKangaroo

Simple Text - To view MORE chapters use the chapter jump box to the right.
Author's Note: I'm re-writing these chapters, adding more detail as I go along. I realized this story needed more to it.

"Potter, wake up!" The distant voice nagged in his brain.. "POTTER!"

"Huh?" Harry woke from his nap to his large uncle, whose face was twisted with anger.

"It is 6 o' clock in the evening! Wake up, boy!" He picked Harry up and threw him on the ground. "Go fix dinner. Dudley asked for burgers. I expect you to fix everything to the T, do you understand?"

"Yes Uncle Vernon..." Harry crawled out of bed, squeezing past his uncle. In the kitchen, Harry got to work on the burgers, knowing he couldn't argue it.

He fixed what seemed like twenty large burgers, all plump and perfect, except for one.

"Your eating that one," His Aunt Petunia said while pointing to the burnt one.

Harry sighed and bit into the burger. The front door opened, and in walked his large cousin, Dudley. "Is that all? There's only about 20 in that pile!" Harry looked at the burgers.

What a pig. Harry thought and smiled.

"Potter. More hamburgers. Now."

"Yes, Aunt Petunia."

While making more burgers, the doorbell rang. Aunt Petunia stood from her chair, smiling from ear to ear. "I'll get it!"

"Who's at the door father?" Dudley asked as Uncle Vernon chuckled.

"Oh, no one. Harry, go help your aunt." Harry turned off the heat of the stove, and slunked over to the door. A girl about his age stood in the doorway, talking to his aunt. She had long black hair. Harry noticed that she had bright brown eyes and a smile that models would be jealous of. Harry also noticed that she was alone.

"Harry, take her things up to your room. She's going to stay with you in there." Aunt Petunia dragged the girl's luggage over to Harry's feet.

"But where am I going to sleep?" Harry asked in disbelief.

"Your both going to sleep in that room. Get the cot. She's sleeping on the bed." Aunt Petunia smirked. "And don't you dare try anything."

Harry led the girl to his room, dragging the large bag, stopping in front of his door.. "I'm Harry. Potter. Harry Potter." He held out his hand and she shook it. He paused at the saying of his last name, used to people shocked when they hear it's the one who defeated You-Know-Who in the Wizarding World.

"Nice to meet you Harry. I'm...." She paused as Dudley walked up to them.

"Hello..." Dudley gawked at her. He slicked back his hair. "I'm Dudley Dursley. And you are..?"

"I'm surprised your parents didn't tell you. Go ask them."

Dudley looked at her, amused. "I like my women like you...."

"I know you're just playing hard-to-get." The girl made a disgusted look on her face. "Harry, what's her name," Dudley asked, facing him.

Harry paused. "He doesn't know my name," the girl blurted out. "I was just about to introduce myself before you so rudely interrupted."

She faced Harry, holding out her hand.

"My name is Galledrial. My last name is of no importance." She smiled. She also had a slight unfamiliar accent in her voice.

"Galledrial. That's a beautiful name," Dudley interrupted. "I"ll see you later, lovely." He walked back down the stairs.

"It's nice to meet you, Harry." Walking into the room, Harry followed, closing the door behind him. She picked her luggage up, setting it on the bed. She uzipped it and opened it up. "Harry... I already knew who you were before you told me. We go to the same school..." Harry stared at the long wand she held out in her hand. "I was hoping you wouldn't remember me in front of the Dursleys, they think I belong to a boarding school in Scotland. They took me in because the squib that lives down the street from you told them about me and about how they can earn money from letting me stay with them..."

Harry smiled at her. "You're pretty sly."

Galledrial explained how she was in Ravenclaw, and how Harry didn't know her because of it. They never had classes scheduled together in the whole 5 years of attending.

"Well, this should get interesting," Harry smiled at her again, helping her unpack her things.

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