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HP stories following Canon after HBP >> Chapter Four: The Big Change by cooldamien

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Harry Potter and The Power of Two


The Power of one

Chapter Four: The Big Change

McGonagall led Harry and Ginny to the sixth floor and up to a painting of an Irishman. "Cream cakes", McGonagall said. And the painting swung open. She led the couple into a very nice living room. The living room had a couch and two arm chairs that were in front of a very ornate fireplace. On the other side of the room was table with six chairs sitting around it.

McGonagall pointed to a patch of wall and said, "That will lead to a passage up to the common room, just say the password and it will open. The only place you can be after curfew is here or the common room. You may have friends here, but keep the number down. We are placing a lot of trust in you two. The door to the right is your bedroom. The house elf's have already brought your stuff down. The door to the left is a study already stocked with books. I hope you use them well, and yes Ms. Granger may use them. Are there any questions?"

Both Harry and Ginny shook there head’s no. "Very well then I leave you to sort your stuff out. Oh and congratulations you two! You have something very special, you should always treasure it." McGonagall said. She left after Harry and Ginny, and they bid her goodnight.

Harry and Ginny walked into the bedroom that had a huge four poster bed that could easily fit four grown adults. Ginny went and looked through the wardrobe and found that the house elf's had already hung up there clothes. Harry noticed that there was a fireplace in the room which was already roaring, there were two comfy arm chairs in front of the fireplace. There was also a great view of the grounds. Ginny found another door which led to large bathroom with a big bathtub and shower. Harry and Ginny then went to check out the study.

The study had a fireplace and a great view of the grounds. And as Professor McGonagall said, it was pre stocked with books on a lot of various subjects. There were two desks facing each other, one for Harry and the other for Ginny. Harry and Ginny loved their new private chambers. "Well let’s go to sleep now, we can spend the rest of holiday setting up the different rooms the way we like it. Ginny said.

The next morning the two went down to great hall for breakfast. Once Harry and Ginny entered the great hall everyone looked over at the two until they sat down with Ron and Hermione. "You two have a lot of explaining to do." Ron said. "We will talk to you, just not here." Harry replied. Ginny noticed that Hermione was trying to hide the Daily Profit. Ginny grabbed the paper and read the headlines. The Boy Who Lived Finds Soul Mate and Hogwarts Professor is Part Beast. Ginny then read,

The Boy Who Lived Finds Soul Mate

Yesterday at Hogwarts, a very rare event happened. While Harry Potter danced with his date Ginny Weasley, the soul bond formed right in front of the eyes of everyone in the Great Hall. It took about Five minutes for the bond to form. Harry and Ginny Potter are one of the youngest to form the soul bond. The last soul bond seen was over a century ago. Not much is known about the soul bond, but we at the Daily Profit will do research into this matter. By wizarding law, Harry and Ginny Potter are considered to married. What this means for the young couple we are not sure, but we will keep our readers posted. The Daily Profit hopes Ginny Potter will treat Harry Potter better then Hermione Granger did.

Ginny could not read anymore, she got to the point that this was more of Rita Skeeter’s crap. After Harry and Ginny were done eating, they led Ron and Hermione to their rooms. They first gave Ron and Hermione the grand tour before they sat down and told them everything they knew about the soul bond. Hermione said she would research the topic in the library to learn more about the bond, which did not surprise any one. Hermione was very mad at Rita for writing all the junk in the newspaper.

The next day Harry and Ginny where called up to Professor Dumbledore’s office, when Dumbledore saw the newly bonded soul mates he greeted them and said “Today I wish to see how the soul bond is effecting your magic. I wish for both you to cast the Lumos spell we will start with you Ginny or would you prefer Mrs. Potter?” Ginny answered “Ginny is fine sir, should I do the Lumos spell now?”

Dumbledore smiled and nodded his head yes. Ginny took out her wand and spoke the incantation “Lumos”. Harry could feel a wave of magic rushing out of him and into Ginny. The two soul mates start to have golden hue around them. Then a blinding light filled the office that made everyone close there eyes because the light so bright and blinding. Ginny quickly said “Nox” the light blinding light vanished as fast as it appeared.

Dumbledore said “Just as I thought your magic as been not only combined a lot like your twin brothers Fred and George but also enhanced by your total love and accepts of each other. A soul bond can only form when both have a wish to never hide a thing from each and are will to share your very souls. As such with such pure love your magic is permanently affected by such strong emotion your magic will only grow stronger as your bond grows. Now Ginny try casting Lumos again but try to restrain your magic, only let a little out.”

The session with Dumbledore last two more hours. Harry and Ginny made great improvement in limiting small amounts of magic being used for spells. Harry and Ginny where told to come back the next day for anther session. Dumbledore was hoping to teach the two soul mates how to control there magic by the time term start again so Harry and Ginny education would not be interrupted.

The two soul mates walked back to there new quarters to setup it up. Once back in there rooms Harry took the passage to the common room to invite Ron and Hermione to help. When the trio got back to the soul mates private chambers they found Ginny hanging up hers and Harry’s clothes in the huge wardrobe. Harry deiced to unpack his and Ginny’s school books and other writing tools and setup up the study which Hermione volunteered to help with.

In reality Harry did all the setting up and Hermione was browsing threw the books in the study. Ron decided to transform one of the small tables in the living room into nice chess table using the peaces Harry got from first year. Once Ginny was done with the clothing she started to put out different photographs that she and Harry had. An hour later Harry and Ginny rooms where looking very homey. Then the trio plus Ginny sat down to talk about what Dumbledore was teaching them.

Hermione said “I have check out two books about soul bond the last couple to bond was Mr. and Mrs. Lennordus. There are currently five different soul mate alive not counting you two. One of the things I learn so far is soul mates share all of the knowledge they have with each other, what ones know the other does too. This could be very useful for you two.” After there talk the four teen did there homework together.

The following day Harry and Ginny made a startling discovery. The two where walking to breakfast when ten girls mobbed Ginny. Harry heard in his head Ginny cursing to her self. Harry send back “Now you know what it like to be famous it bites does it.” After a session with Dumbledore the two soul mates experimented with talking to each other threw there bond. They found that they did not just send speech to each other but they also send emotion and thought behind the speech.

They found talking to each other silently was so much more then using words. Harry and Ginny would never have problem with trying to commutate some thing to each other. Harry and Ginny also discovered that they both had all of each other memory and like Hermione said each other knowledge. Harry was surprised how much knowledge of magic he learned from Ginny when he had sixth year knowledge or magic.

Harry found to his surprise that his Legilimency skill had greatly improved. He was now getting a lot of different random thoughts from people. Harry found that with the improved Legilimency he now had a basic empathy skill and could feel other people emotions. Harry also figured that his Occlumency too more in likely had improved too.

Ginny found that she now had basic Legilimency and Empathy skill and an understanding of Occlumency. Ginny decided to start doing the mediations and practice to improve these skills so she could be at the same level as Harry. Harry of course helped her out. When Harry did his annual once a week practice to try and cast spell silently he found he had no problem casting any spell now.

Harry was so happy that he could cast magic silently he deiced to try and learn wandless magic. Soon Christmas holiday came to an end and to Dumbledore pleasure Harry and Ginny could control there magic so they would not over power spells. Dumbledore still wanted them to visit him twice a week to experiment with other part of the new bond.

When all of the students returned from holiday they all wanted to talk to Harry and Ginny. For the few days the school was a buzz about Harry and Ginny being soul mates and what it meant. Harry and Ginny took steps to hind from the students. It went as far as Dobby bring breakfast and dinner up to there room so they would not have to eat in the great hall.

In Care of Magical Creatures Harry remember how hard Hagrid took the fact that everyone knew he was a half giant. Just like before he hid in his cabin and did not attended to his duties or teach class. Professor Grubbly-Plank taught the class. She was teaching them about unicorns. She had of course had the boys stand to the side when she brought out a young unicorn.

When Professor Grubbly-Plank led the unicorn over to the girls a most unusual thing happened. Harry and Ginny start to glow a soft golden color. The unicorn looked up at Ginny and the walked over to her. Ginny was able to pet the unicorn then the unicorn nudged Ginny over to Harry. The unicorn and Ginny were right next to Harry. Harry slowly took his hand out and petted the unicorn. Professor Grubbly-Plank was in total shock. The other boys tried to move closer to the unicorn but it got spooked.

Grubbly-Plank quickly called the boys away from the unicorn. After class all anybody could talk about was the fact the unicorn walked up to Harry, they guessed it was because of the soul bond which they where right. The next day anther article came out called Dumbledore’s Giant Mistake. Which Malfoy took great pleasure in the article.

In the sessions with Dumbledore had started an experiment instead of one or the other casting a spell he wanted to see what happen if Harry and Ginny did the same spell at the same time and to see if it could be combined. It took a few sessions with Dumbledore before the two soul mates had any results. When Harry and Ginny’s spells did combine which was not often it produced amazing results.

Then Harry and Ginny had there first Hogsmeade weekend as soul mates. The four teens went to the Three Broom Sticks because it was so cold. Harry got the bunter bears. Harry saw in one corner Ludo Bagman talking quietly to four Goblins who did not look to pleased. When Mr. Bagmen saw Harry he got up to talk to Harry asking if he needed any help with the second task. Then Fred and George walk up to Mr. Bagmen.

Harry said “You better pay these two or I will give the Daily Prophet an interview on how you judge of the Tri Wizard Tournament cheated a Hogwarts students out of there money and how you tried to talk me in to cheating in the Tournament. if these two tell me that they did not get there money in two weeks well you a smart man.” Fred and George where grinning ear to ear. “Have a good day Mr. Bagmen.”

Less then a week later the group of four teens decided to give Hagrid a swift kick in the rear end figuratively and tell his that it did not mater if he was half giant or not. It took some talking by the four teens and Professor Dumbledore but they got Hagrid out of his hut and feel better about him self, but most people where not happy as they had to attain to the Blast Ended Skrewts again.


I hope you like the way I wrote Four year a bit diffrent. Don't forget to read the begging of the next chapter I change a few thing there too.


Until next Damien

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