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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Interruptions by emmablk1

Simple Text - To view MORE chapters use the chapter jump box to the right.
Interruptions Written By: Emmablk1
This is just scary; I am able to have all four of the Marauders stuck in my mind. It's not very plesant sometimes...
You people better like this; I just spent half an hour fixing it to put it on fanfiction.net and astronomytower.org. READ AND REVIEW OR YOU WILL DIE B/C I AM IN A BAD MOOD B/C IT'S SO LATE!!

Sirius: The day started out innocently enough. James and I played a few jokes on the Sytherins at breakfast, Peter's cauldron blew up in potions (Again!), and we were anticipating the full moon in a couple of weeks. How was I to know that this would be the most important day of my life?

James: O.K, hold on.

Sirius: What? I'm telling the story right!

James: It was the most important day of my life too!

Remus: James, why do you always do this?

James: Do what?

Remus: Interrupt when Sirius is trying to tell the story.

Sirius: Thank you, Moony.

Peter: Hey! I was involved in it too!

Sirius: O.K! We can all tell the story!

James: Shhh! McGonagall's looking this way!

Sirius: Can I tell it now?

Peter: Only if we all get to tell a chapter.
Remus: Yeah! After all, it was the most important day of all of our lives.

Sirius: What are you talking about? You weren't even there; you were in the hospital wing!

Remus: I have my own little secrets.

Sirius: What? Oh, you mean...

Remus: Don't even think about it, Padfoot!

Sirius: Phooy.

Peter: Who's telling the first part?

Remus: What happened first?

Sirius: If you please, I believe I was telling the story.

James: But...

Sirius: No more interruptions!

Remus: I believe that I should be the one to tell it first.

James: Hey!

Sirius: No, wait! His story's more interesting, believe me!

James: Oh! I've got to hear this!

Remus: Sirius, whatever your sick mind is thinking, I'm not telling that story!

Sirius: Nooo! Oh well, I can always tell it later...

James: Yes!! Count me in!

Remus: Sigh Anyway...

Sirius was right; it was the most important day. But, as usual, he got some as the facts wrong.

Sirius: Hey!

James: Shh!

Remus: Thank you. The full moon was in a couple of days, not weeks. I was in the hospital wing, (of course) and was bouncing off the walls, jumping on the bed...

Sirius: Ah...now doesn't it feel good to get that off your chest?

James: Shut it! I want to hear the good part!

Peter: Me too!

Remus: Ahem. So...when this girl walks in. Beautiful red hair-

James: Hey!

Remus: Its ok, James. It wasn't Lily.

James: Just checking.

Remus: I stopped jumping and squatted on the bed. Her hair had me captivated. My eyes started following her automatically.

Peter: Oh no! You didn't...or anything?

Remus: No! I didn't bite her.

Sirius: Good, 'cause then we would have to let another girl into our group and you know how messy those orientations can be.

James: Yeah, Lily is still hurting from that.

Sirius: Sorry! We didn't mean to be so hard on her!

Remus: Guys!

James: ....

Sirius: ....

Remus: It took her a while to notice that someone was watching her. After that she started to get uncomfortable. She had her hand healed and quickly tried to get out. I was too quick. I was in front of her before she reached the door.
"What do you want?" she asked me, looking kind of scared.
"Hi! I'm Remus Lupin and I just wanted to talk to you. Did you ever notice how your hair shines in the wind? It's a really nice day today. Do you have a boyfriend? Neither do I. Have a boyfriend, I mean. That's a good thing. I don't have a girlfriend, either. How come your hand needed healing? Were you in DATDA? That's stands for Defense Against the Dark Arts, by the way. Not that you didn't already know that, or anything... " As I rambled on for at least another five minutes she became flustered and muttered something about going to Herbology.

James: Ok, imagine whatever Moony just said-

Sirius: Going ten times faster than the slug pace at which he wrote it.

Remus: Very funny.

Peter: So, what happened next?

Remus: Uh...the full moon came and went.

Sirius: With many Marauder adventures along the way.

James: Oh yeah! Sirius, do you remember that one prank we pulled that caused the dungeons to cave in...?

Sirius: That was classic! I'll always remember how Malfoy and Snape's face looked when they saw the Slytherin common room.

Remus: Uh...guys...this is my story.

Sirius: Sorry.

James: Sorry.

Remus: It was a few days before I finally saw her again. It was embarrassing to think about what I did, and meeting her again wasn't high on my list of things to do.

Peter: So, you saw her in the corridor and...

Remus: Actually, she came up to me. I was in the library. Alone, of course; I'm sure that none of the other marauders would even know where the library is.

James: What does that have to do with the story?

Remus: Nothing; I'm just making fun of Sirius.

Sirius: Huh?

Remus: "Well, I'm glad to see that you aren't hyper anymore." She sat down beside me at a table stacked full of books.
"Yeah...that's why I was...hospital wing...hyper, yeah." I stuttered. She smiled and raised an eyebrow.

Sirius: Heh, heh. Remus Lupin; Lady Killer.

Remus: "Wow. You've changed; now you can't string two sentences together!" she laughed and earned the disapproval of Madame Prince, the Librarian. We lowered our voices so that we wouldn't get kicked out.
"No, I can," I said, trying hard not to look at her. She was really making my head twirl. "I just don't feel that well right now." Maybe if I didn't look up, then her face wouldn't swarm before my eyes and I wouldn't pass out.
She looked concerned. "You do look a little pale," she gazed at my face. I felt a blush creep up onto my cheeks. Then she took a look at the books on the table. "What are you reading?" I showed the cover of the one I had lying open. "Oh my gosh! I love that book!"
"Really?" she nodded and started to read with me. "What's your name?" I asked after a few minutes of silent reading.
"Oh! I'm so sorry! I must seem like a total ditz! I mean, sitting here with you and reading for almost an hour, and not even telling you my name...I'm Virginia." I opened my mouth to tell her my name, but she stopped me. "I know who you are. Remus Lupin, right? You're a part of the infamous marauders." I smiled and nodded. "I like your smile." She said, suddenly blushing. She quickly grabbed a book off of the big stack and started reading it very fast.
"Um...your book's upside down," I said. Her blush deepened and she turned it back over. "and I don't think you're a ditz...You're too pretty." We both turned scarlet at this comment.

Peter: Awwww!

Sirius: That's so sweet! Not really.

Peter: Sirius!

James: Remus, if it took you that long to start a relationship, do you really think it's going to last?

Sirius: I wonder how long it will take them to start turning purple instead of just plain old red.

Remus: Shut up, you guys. That was a really important day for me. That was the day I met Virginia.

Sirius: Can I tell my story now?

Remus: I think its Prong's turn.

Peter: Yeah! Whatever happened between you and Lily?

James: Heh, heh. Well, I'll tell you...

Sirius: Ah, why don't I get to go?

Remus: We're not letting you go because you want to.

James: Haven't you figured that out by now?

Sirius: Grrr...

James: Ouch!

Sirius: Prongs! That was unnecessary!

Remus: C'mon! Get on with the story!

Peter: Yeah! I could be doing other...things.

Remus: Huh?

Peter: Nothing.

James: Ok, I'm ready. So, since Moony was in the hospital, we sort of separated for each his own way.

Sirius: Oh, yeah.

James: Boy, what a memory you have! Anyway, I decided to do something special for Lily.

Remus: Sweet!

Sirius: My story's better!

James: We'll get to it! So, I sorta kidnapped her from Gryffindor tower. You know, put a blindfold on her and lead her somewhere...

Sirius: Prongs! Naughty, naughty!

James: No! That's not what I meant!

Remus: I think you should slap him again.

Sirius: Ouch!

Remus: Padfoot! You're going to get us all into trouble!

James: Yeah! Binns is watching!

Sirius: Man, he looks like he's going to die at any moment!

James: Continuing...Lily was really excited, but a bit annoyed because I took her away from her "study group."

Sirius: Study? Please! All they do is giggle and talk about me.

Peter: How do they manage to get all their homework done, anyway?

Remus: Sirius, how do you know all they do is talk about you?

Sirius: Can't a guy eavesdrop?

James: Hey! They talk about me too!

Sirius: You mean Lily talks about you. The rest them are dedicated to me.

Remus: So humble, Padfoot.

Sirius: I know. Hey, Prongs, aren't you supposed to be telling some sort of story?

James: Oh, yeah!

Sirius: Boy! What a memory!

James: Hey! Don't steal my comebacks!

Remus: Guys! Guys!

James: But he-

Sirius: He started it-

Remus: I don't care! Prongs! Tell your story!

Peter: Way to go to be a peacemaker, Moony!

James: Ok! I'll just have to save what I have for Padfoot for later.

Sirius: What're you gonna do to me?

James: Wouldn't you like to know! So, I blindfolded Lily and started to take her to the fifth floor. Room of Requirement, you know.

Sirius: Yes, we know, James.

James: Don't test my patience! Well, anyway, when we got inside the room everything was just how I wanted it. I took Lily's blindfold off. She looked around the room, her face glowing. Then I saw her face fall, replaced by a frown. She hadn't even noticed the table with a tiny black box on it.
"What are you playing at?" she said, narrowing her eyes at me dangerously. I moved over to the table, feeling her eyes on me while I was walking.
"What do you mean?" I stared hard at the table, not daring to look into her eyes. I knew that they would be a raging green fire.
"You just decided to kidnap me from Gryffindor tower and take me to a room with no point, totally ignoring the fact that I was deep into my study group?"
"Study group? What do you do, study all the ways that Sirius can make you swoon?"

Sirius: Prongs! You didn't!

James: It slipped out! You know I can't control my mouth!

Remus: Yes, we know that very well, James.

James: "JAMES CHRISTOPHER POTTER!" I winced at the middle name. "WHAT did you just say?!" "Gulp! That you're a very lovely person who would never, ever get mad at her loving boyfriend, who was just trying to surprise her by asking her to marry him?" "James, your flattery isn't-" she stopped as the rest of my words hit her. "What did you just say?" "You're a very lovely person?" I asked, confused. "No," "Um...you would never get mad at your loving boyfriend?" "No! The part after that!" "Oh! I'm just trying to ask you to marry me?" "You are?" she raised her eyebrows in surprise. "I am? I mean, yes, I am!" Quickly I grabbed the little black box off the table and threw it at her. She caught it and opened it reluctantly.

Peter: What was inside?

Sirius: Well, let's see...he's asking her to marry him...they're in a secluded place...he loves her...hopefully she loves him...

James: Hey! I know she loves me! It's so obvious.

Sirius: Riiiiight. coughnotreallycough

James: Hey!

Sirius: I would think that there would be some sort of ring inside, right?

Peter: A mood ring?

Sirius: Sure, why not?

Remus: Hey, James, was he dropped on the head as a baby?

James: I don't know, check for scar wounds.

Peter: Hey! Get away from my hair!

James: Just be glad that you're not as obsessed with your hair as Sirius is.

Sirius: Very Funny.

James: I thought so. Anyway, on with my brilliant, exceptional, inspired, and any other synonym that fits with those words, story.

Lily: Gee, got a blotted head much? You know, this is one reason why at first I wouldn't go out with you.
Sirius: Lily! How are you my darling?

Lily: Hey, Sirius. And don't call me darling. Only James can do that.

Peter: Awwww! How sweet!

James: Umm, you know what; I don't think that I want to finish the story after all.

Lily: Why? What were you saying that had to stop whenever I came into the little circle of friends here? And by the way, you're not going to get away with writing during potions. You barley got away with it during charms.

James: We did too! And it's nothing! Sirius you can start to tell your story now.

Sirius: Yea!

Lily: Hold on!

Sirius: No!

Lily: You wouldn't have been happening to tell the story about when you first asked me to marry you, would you?

James: Umm, no?

Sirius: First? You know, this might be really interesting. I wonder why you've stopped telling the story, Prongs.

Remus: That might be because the answer might not be what he wanted it to be.

Sirius: Hmm...

Peter: Hmm...

Lily: Well, that's part of it...

James: Lily!!

Lily: What? You know, if you won't tell the rest, then I will.

James: No!

Lily: So, where was he?

Remus: Well, you had just opened the box.

Lily: Oh yeah. Just between you and me that rock didn't look very real, either.

Sirius: No! James how could you?

James: Just like a woman.

Lily: James!

James: Ouch!

Lily: That's it, I'm not talking anymore.

James: Finally! It took you long enough; I'll get to tell the story now!
Lily: Let me rephrase that. I'm not talking to you anymore.

James: Same diff.

Lily: Grrr!

Sirius: Alright! Lover's spat! These are fun to watch. Who wants to start the betting on who starts to bleed first?

Remus: James, will you please just tell the story and beg for Lily's forgiveness later?

Lily: Fine! See if I care!

James: Lily...

Remus: Just tell the story!!

James: She opened the box and took a glance inside. Not a very long glance, as she snapped the lid shut rather quickly.
"Did you even look at the rin...what's inside?" I stopped myself before I told her the inside of the box. Lily turned her head away from me and looked as if she was about to cry, but was holding it back.
"I already know what's inside, thank you very much." She said coldly. I was taken aback. Is this how girls were supposed to act when accepting marriage proposals? I didn't think so.

Lily: I'll have you know that I had a very good reason to be mad.

Peter: And what was that?

Lily: Just listen and you'll find out.

James: "James," she looked up at me and I saw tears forming in her eyes. "I really wish that you hadn't asked me now."
"Why?" I started toward her, but she backed away farther from me. "What happened?"
"I can't marry you." A tear fell down her check.
"WHYEVER NOT?!" she flinched and dropped the box on the floor. "I mean...Lily..." she swiftly turned away and ran out the door into the corridor. By the time I rushed to the door and looked for her, she had completely disappeared.

Remus: I'm confused. How come if Lily rejected your proposal, you two are still madly in love and are engaged to be married?

Lily: Remember I said that this was the first time that he asked me?

Sirius: No! You had to ask her twice? That's hilarious!

Lily: Actually it was three times.

Sirius: I think my guts might fall out from laughing so hard.

James: Grrr!

Sirius: Now, James, think about it before you- OUCH!!

James: That's better.

Peter: Guys, this is a highly emotional scene and you are making fun of it.

Sirius: Well, you've got to admit it is really funny.

Remus: Duh!

Lily: James, I think that it is time for me to tell the story, as all you did was go sulk.

James: Ok, but don't you dare reveal any other embarrassing secrets!

Sirius: Ooh! There are others?

Lily: Don't worry, I wouldn't dream of it.

James: Why are you winking so I can't see you?

Lily: So, I ran off back to the Gryffindor common room. Jessie, Katie, and Lara were still sitting at the table and 'talking.'

Sirius: About me, perchance?

Lily: James! You told them!

Remus: Actually, Sirius has been spying.

Lily: Again?

Sirius: Guilty as charged.

Lily: Of course, being my best friends, they immediately noticed that I was crying. They raced over to me as I started to sob and fell in a chair.
"He didn't..." Jessie said, not finishing her thought when I nodded my head yes.
"I'm so sorry!" Lara started crying too and tried to comfort me, but ended up getting me even wetter than I already was from crying.

James: What's the deal with the fact that they are always against me?

Lily: Its ok, I still love you.

Peter: Awwww!

Lily: But not at the moment.
"I knew this was going to happen. We're really sorry that you can't accept his offer, Lil." Katie surveyed my tears with a sad look in her eyes.
"Why did you have to-" I sputtered, but was cut off whenever the portrait hole opened and Sirius came in.

Sirius: Oh! So that's what was going on whenever I came in!

Lily: YEAH! Of course whenever he walked in, all hopes of comforting me went right out the window. All three of them rushed right to his side and stayed glued there for the rest of the evening.

Sirius: That was so much fun, too.

Lily: Ugh! Please don't tell me what goes on in that little foursome, thank you.

Sirius: Fine, but you're missing out!

James: I'll take it from here.

Lily eventually disappeared from the common room and the dorms.

Peter: You looked really hard?

James: Yeah, I even got a girl to go up to the dorms and check and see if she was up there, still crying.

Lily: I wasn't!

James: I know! I found her out by the lake, on her favorite rock to sit on to watch the sunrise. At least she wasn't crying anymore. I could still see the lines on her face where the tears had run.
"Look, I'm sorry if I offended you, but-" I started. She turned around and smiled a little.
"It's not your fault. You see...well, it's kind of hard to explain, but..." she trailed off and left me more confused than ever. "Ok. I'm better now." I sat down next to her in the grass. "One day, in the library, my friends and I were trailing around, trying to find something good to look at. Suddenly Jessie called out from around the corner, saying she had found a book of different charms. While we were looking at it, we all decided to put one charm on each of us, just for fun. That was probably a really stupid thing to do, now that I look back on it."
"Probably." I said, smirking.
"Hey." She narrowed her eyes at me and hit me playfully. We laughed and it seemed like my blunder had never happened.
"Jessie, Katie, and Lara were all put under charms that weren't permanent, but, because we neglected to read enough about one charm I was put under a permanent charm."
"So," I said, not really getting the picture, "what was it, unending nose hair?" Lily looked sad.
"We thought of it as a joke. After all, if it wasn't permanent what were the odds that I'd get married any time soon? Unfortunately, it's lasted throughout my fourth through seventh years."
"What is it?"
"Every month I...well, I turn into something."
"Like what? A werewolf?" A ripple of fear cursed through me, scared that I'd have to go through everything Remus goes through twice instead of just once every month.

Remus: Gee, thanks.

James: "No! It's not that. I just...turn into a different animal every third of the month."
"That doesn't sound so bad."
"When you turn into ten different kinds of wolves in one night it is."
"Well, what about the problem with marriage?" I said, confused how it could apply to us.

Sirius: Boy, are you thick.

James: Shut up!
"That is the problem. I eat everything in sight...including humans. I can't be near anyone, but...It's confusing."
"Some friends! What kind of curses did they get?"
"I told you! We thought it was all just a huge joke. We never really thought that it would affect me forever."
"Wait!" I jumped up and took her face in my hands, suddenly very excited, "If it was a charm than there has to be a counter-curse!"
"I already thought about that." She shook her head.
"Did you look it up in the book and check if it was really permanent or not?"
"Well, that's the thing. Ever since we used that book it has vanished from the library. We've tried on several occasions to find it, but..."

Sirius: Tough luck! Oh, well, I guess your story's over now. Time for mine!

Lily: Sirius...shut up.

Sirius: Ouch, you bruised my ego.

Lily: Good. That's what I was aiming for.

James: I suddenly jumped up and made a pose. "I think I have an idea!" I got down on one knee and started to ask her to marry me again.
"James, I told you, I can't-" Before she could say anything else, I pressed my lips to hers, cutting her off. Instantly, we felt a warm, sensational feeling flood throughout our bodies.
"Was that what I think it was?" Lily reached up and played with my hair without thinking. I smiled and kissed her again.

Actually, that wasn't what we thought it was, but we'll work that out later on.

Remus: Wow! That certainly beats my story! You asked the girl of your dreams to marry you, foiled a charm that kept the girl of your dreams from marrying you, and still got to kiss the girl of your dreams at the end!

James: Yep. I love you.

Remus: Me?

Sirius: I knew it.

Lily: No, stupid! Me! His girlfriend!

Sirius: Oh, right.

Lily: Jealous, perhaps?

Sirius: You wish.

Peter: Hey, James, that never really happened, did it?

James: ...

Lily: ...

James: Of course it did! CoughnotCough

Sirius: Good! 'Cause I was beginning to worry about Lil there for a second.

James: Hey what about me?

Sirius: Who?

James: Don't toy with me!

Remus: Hey, where's Peter going?

James: Huh?


James: Hey! You've pulled that before and it still doesn't work.

Sirius: Oh, darn.

Remus: Where could he be going?

James: ...

Sirius: ...

Remus: Never mind.

Lily: Well, it couldn't be a girl; we know that much.

Sirius: I know! It could be to see his 'master', the dark Lord, Voldymort, and to comfort him in his time of distress. Maybe Wormtail is really, inside, planning to betray and kill us all by using the unforgivable curses. Maybe, just maybe, he'll cut off his finger and blame one of us for killing twelve people. AND, maybe James and Lily will have a son that will overthrow Voldymort and-
James: Please. You and your stories.

Lily: Sirius, don't even kid around like that. I can't even believe that you would joke around with the Dark Lord's name.

Remus: I can't believe that he would think you two would have a son.

James: Gulp.

Lily: No, we're gonna have a daughter.

Remus: Wow, James, you've got your work cut out for you; she's probably already picked out your kid's names.

James: Whatever we name them, one of them is Rufus.

Lily: WHAT? RUFUS?! What kind of a name is that?!

Sirius: Hey! Does this mean I get to tell my story now?

James: Sigh. Ok, fine. Get it over with already.

Sirius: Ok. Do you guys remember Meredith?

Lily: Eck. Yes, unfortunately.

Remus: Do you mean the girl you met in the common room that night and started making out with her five minutes after you had just started talking to her?

James: Actually it was two minutes. I counted. It was a new record.
Sirius: What, do you time how long it takes for me to start making out with a girl now?

James: Yes...do you have a problem with that?

Sirius: No, I was just checking. By the way, how long did it take when I met Raven?

James: Are you still hung up on her?

Sirius: So, what if I am?


Sirius: Who cares? I'll bite your leg off!! Who's got barbeque sauce?

James: Yeah, right! Not if I throw you across the room first!

Remus: GUYS! SETTLE! Anyway, Lily, do you have some sort of grudge against Meredith? What'd she do to you?

Lily: Well, let's just say that she and I don't agree on some things. SIRIUS! Step around from James now!

Sirius: Okay, okay! Hey, do you and Meredith not like each other or something?

Remus: Can't you learn to listen?

James: Oooh! I smell a cat fight!

Sirius: Between me and Remus or between Lily and Meredith?

James: Who do you think?

Sirius: How much do you want to bet on Lily?

James: Oh, I don't know...10 galleons...?

Sirius: Only ten?! You can afford more than that, James!

Lily: Sigh. Boys...

Sirius: ...are charming?

Lily: Not exactly what I was thinking.

Sirius: Oh well. I guess I can only read James' mind. Unfortunately.

James: Yeah? What am I thinking about right now?

Sirius: I don't think I want to know.

Remus: So...Meredith...

Sirius: Well, to make a short story short, she was my rebound girl after Raven mysteriously disappeared.

Lily: That's all she is to you? A rebound girl?!

James: Raven disappeared? Since when?

Sirius: You really need to work on paying attention to other people besides yourself sometime, James.

Lily: You've spent practically every day together with Meredith since the day that Raven didn't show up for dinner, and all she is to you is a rebound girl?! THAT'S SICK!!

James: What? That I only pay attention to myself? I thought you already figured that out...

Lily: No! I'm talking about Sirius!

Sirius: Well, of course that's not all she means to me. After all, she was a big part of the most important day of my life.

James: Lily...please stop banging your head against the table. You'll get a bruise.

Lily: I already have one, thank you.

Remus: What's the point of your most important day, anyway?

Sirius: .....

Remus: Padfoot?

Sirius: Hold on, I'm thinking!

Lily: Wow. That's a first.

James: Hey! You stole my comeback!

Lily: Tough luck.

James: Comeback stealer.

Lily: Oooh! Real witty, James!

Sirius: Hmmm...I don't think that my story really has a point. I think that I was bugging you to let me tell the story just so I could bug you.

Lily: Oh. My. Gosh. That is the most serious thing I have ever heard come out of Sirius' mouth.

Remus: Incredible. I wonder if it'll ever happen again?

Sirius: Hey, guys! Have I shown you what my stomach can do?

Lily: .....

James: .....

Remus: .....

James: Nah. I think that's the last time that'll ever happen.

Sirius: It can talk!

Lily: That's it. I'm leaving Sirius to his juvenile abilities.

Remus: Me too.

Sirius: FEED ME! See! I told you it could talk! Hey?! Where are you going?

James: Sirius...forget it; I'm not even going to try.

Sirius: COME BACK! Um...anyone?

The End

Emmablk1: That's it... It's done... Finally... Yup... You can close the book now! End of the paper, people!


Oh, thank goodness! Remus wants to say something.

I just have one question.


Did any of these stories actually happen on the same day?



What's for lunch?

That's it. My writing career has gone out the window.

Hm...I wonder if she had a writing career to begin with?


Hang on, I've got to go kill him now.

5 minutes later

James: If you were wondering, she didn't really kill him because I'm gonna kill
him later.

Yawn is it over yet?

Sorry. It's 10:00 at night and I had caffeine.

Definitely not a good combination.

OWWWW! Okay, that one hurt!

Sush you big baby! I'm trying to end my fanf-

Emmablk1: January 18, 2004

It should be taken into consideration that no characters were harmed
during the writing of this fic, though Siri has several really bad

And...although I would like to say that Sirius and Remus are all mine and no one else's...they aren't and neither are any of the other people in this Fic except for Virginia, Meredith and all of Lily's friends because I randomly picked names that popped into my head. Anyway, mostly all the characters
belong to J.k rowling, no matter what my brain might try to tell me at
night whenever it is turned off.

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