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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Through the Years: A Lily and James Story by FairyLight00

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Lily Evans woke up early on the morning of September the first, the last day she would be going to Hogwarts. She had packed everything the night before. Yes, Lily was one of those people, who had to everything right and perfect and prepared. To everyone who knew her she was certainly a perfectionist, but a very unorganized one at that. She kept herself clean and pure, her long, straight and plain red hair up in a clip or in a ponytail. She had strikingly beautiful eyes and smooth skin. Most boys didn't bother asking her out, mostly for the fact that someone in particular had his dibs on her and would hex anyone that got too close to her. Growing up, Lily was as thin as a rail and pretty much a knee scraper. She was Daddy's little girl and Mamma's little angel- well in Lily's case- witch. Her parents were Muggles. A lot of things changed from that little scrawny girl, who now was more curvy and full and actually had boobs now (her friends were so kind to remind her ever chance they got). They were Jillian Tucker and Anna Nelson.

Anna was- well- Anna. Tall, blonde and gorgeous with a freckly nose. Her blonde hair was in curls and she had honey- brown eyes. She was head-over-heels in love with a fellow Gryffindor Marauder. (He was a nice Marauder though.) She has liked him for four years now and hasn't admitted a thing to him. Anna... Anna... Anna...

Jillian Tucker, to some, was a slut. Her friends were the only people who really knew what she was like. Just about every single guy was absolutely taken with her, but she rolled it off her shoulders. She had long black wavy hair and clear blue eyes, which you could almost see through. But it was her lips that every guy in Hogwarts wanted to touch with theirs. They were full and red. When she was young, everyone made fun of them, especially, those damn Marauders.

They were three very different people, but they were best friends. And... they were liked by the most popular guys at Hogwarts, James Potter, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. They were the Marauders.

James Potter was tall at 6"2, with untidy black hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes (though Lily wouldn't admit he was good-looking). Ever since their first year at Hogwarts, he was in love with Lily, much to her dismay. You see, James was too many different things. Confidence, she liked, but he was too arrogant. He was arrogant and Lily hated arrogance. But Lily had to admit, he was growing up a little bit.

His best friend, Sirius Black, was even more arrogant and selfish. He has like Jillian since the end of sixth year, but she wouldn't give him the time of day, much to Lily's delight. But really, who hadn't her been with? Lily and Anna and Jillian were pretty much the only three in the school he hadn't got the chance to snog. Sirius was also tall at 6"1 and had long dark brown hair, but his teeth were his best feature. That was what got him all the girls and he knew it.

Remus Lupin, on the other hand, was the nice one, having been made Prefect their fifth year. He was also very handsome with sandy blonde hair. But that wasn't the first thing you saw when you looked at him. His eyes, oh, his eyes. Bluer than the bluest blue, if you know what I mean. Those things are really blue. At 6"3, he was the tallest in their year. Anna liked that little fact, mostly because she was tall herself at 5"9.

Lily entered the Platform to Hogwarts for the last time to find Jillian and Anna waiting for her.

"Lily!"Anna said, happily hugging her.
"What the hell happened to you?" Jillian asked her, circling her.
"What do you mean?"
"Potter is going to flip when he sees you," Jillian added. "Where did these come from?" She added, pointing to her chest. Lily covered up immediately.
"Sh! Not so loud!" She said to them.
"Oh, Lily," Jillian said. "There's no way you can hide it." Jillian started to giggle annoyingly and Anna followed suit. Lily rolled her eyes and started to walk away.
"C'mon," she said to her giggling friends.

Meanwhile, James, Sirius and Remus and their other friend Peter were sitting in a compartment. James was looking out the window and saw Lily immediately.

"Oh, Merlin," he muttered under his breath. "Would you look at that?"

The rest of them glanced out the window too. Sirius snorted loudly and Remus sat down, sighing heavily.

"Isn't she beautiful," James said, still staring, as Lily and her friends boarded the train. "This year is going to be different!"
"Yeah, and I’m a hippogriff!" Sirius said, laughing.
"No, really," James told him. "It will be different."
"Shouldn't you be in the Head's compartment?" Peter piped up.
"Oh, yeah!" James nearly forgot. "I'm Head Boy!"
"Say 'hello' to Lily for me, will you?" Sirius said, still chuckling. James left the compartment and made his way up the corridor.
"Hey, James," Anna and Jillian passed him on his way.
"Hey," he replied. "Good summers?"
"Alright," Jillian said. "Did you see Lily yet?"
"From a far," he told them.
"You're going to like it a whole lot better up close," Jillian said as she and Anna walked away into the compartment that James just came out of.

James continued his way down the corridor and knocked on the Head's Compartment door. Lily opened it. James' tongue swelled instantly.

"H-hey, Lils," he said.
"Potter," she said, letting him in. "Head Boy huh?"
"er- I guess so," he said. "How was your summer?"
"Not too bad, if you want to call my horrible sister a sweetheart," she said. "Your's?"
"Can't complain," ho told her.
"Well, these are my ideas for us this year..." She went on for what seemed to be an hour, but James honestly heard every word she said. "And Potter, now that we're sharing a dormitory, i think it's that time that we both need to grow up and get along."
"I don't see any problem in that," James said simply. "It's a shame it's so hard for you."
Lily looked guilty for all the things she said to him and about him.
"Yeah, well, there's always time to change," she said.
"So... friends?"
"Yeah... friends."

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