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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> You Live, You Learn by Ginny_Weasley

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Chapter 1

- Okay this is the new revised version.If you want to know Evie is pronounced "Eve -E".Thanks everyone!

Lily Rose Evans appeared to be an average seventeen year old girl to the other citizens of Privet Drive and the neighboring streets.But Lily was the total opposite of normal.Lily Evans was a witch and she was about to go her seventh year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Lily finshed packing her trunk as four owls came through her bedroom window.Lily recognized three of the owls.One was a Hogwarts screech owl.The tawny and snowy owls belonged to her best friends, Sarah Grey and Evie Dumbledore.The last one was a unfamiliar barn owl.The owl proudly ruffled its feather and held out its leg.Lily hastily untied the letter from the owl's legs and read it.

How is your summer?Anyway,your probably wondering why I an writing to you during the summer.Well, I was wondering if you would go out with me?
P.S. Evie gave me your address.

Lily reread the letter twice and grinned.Lily had liked James Potter since she was eleven and in her first year of Hogwarts.But when James got a big ego and a bigger head, and Lily turned him down for years.Lily turned over the letter and wrote a short message.


Lily tied the letter to the owl's leg.The barn owl flew off as Lily opened the tawny owl's, Spike, letter.

Hey Lils, Evie is finally home from Tennessee.I just finished reading her letter.Evie is going to take us to the platform and Diagon Alley.We are going to stay over at the Dumbledore's.Evie said that Nat (you that blonde cute dude Evie is friends with) was trying to ask her out and he starts bad talking us! Evie was STEAMED!See ya tommorrow!

Lily was shocked, Evie had taken Lily and Sarah to Tennessee with her brother and sister, John and Tatum, to see her family there.Lily and Sarah had met Nathaniel Edington, Nat, last summer.He seemed to be sweet and mild-mannered.Lily put down Sarah's letter.Lily untied the snowy owl, Holly, and read.

Sarah probably told you about me being home and that I'll pick you up at noon.Anyway, I have my Apparition liscense and my driver's license, plus, A NEW LICENSE and Sarah will see it tommorrow.I'll tell you both what happened with Nat tommorrow.
P.S. I hope I see Horsey and Walrus tomorrow!Lily nearly broke into hysterics at the end of Evie's letter.Evie had hated Lily's sisiter, Petunia, and her boyfriend, Vernon, since she had laid eyes on them.Lily remembered the first time Evie saw Petunia and her boyfriend together.

*~ * ~ * Flash Back ~ * ~ *

Lily and Evie opened the Evans's front door to see Petunia and Vernon snogging on the couch.Lisa shrieked and both girls covered their eyes.
"That was like a horse and a walrus trying to eat each others heads." said Evie disgustedly.Sixteen year old Petunia turned red as Vernon turned purple.
"Freak!Get your abnormal friend out of here!"screeched Petunia.Fourteen year old Lily put her hands on hips and sneered."Well Petunia, Mum and Dad said that you aren't aloud to have boys in the house."said Lily
"You wouldn't!"said Petunia.
"Try me!"said Lily.
"Fine!"said Petunia as she dragged Vernon out of the house with her.

*~ * ~ * End of Flash Back* ~ * ~ *

Lily laughed as she sat on her bed.
"Lily Rose Evans! It's time for dinner!"called her mother.
Lily dashed downstairs into the kitchen, and in her chair at the table.Lily looked down ay her plate and smiled, they were having hamburgers, Petunia's least favorite food.
"Lily, have you gotten your letter yet?"Mr.Evans asked.
"Yes Daddy, but I haven't read it yet."Lily replied.
"Has Evie come back from America?" asked Mrs.Evans.
"Yes, she is going to pick me up tommorrow."said Lily.
"Dad, Vernon has gotten a job at Grunnings, the company that makes drills." Petunia gloated.
"Lily, what does you boyfriend do?Oh, I forgot, you don't have one!"
"Now Pet!"said Mr.Evans.
"Actually Petunia, I do have a boyfriend, since an hour ago." said Lily smirking.
"Who is it Lily?"asked her mother.
"Yes, Lily, go on!"said her father.
"James Potter, you know the boy Evie brought last summer before Sarah and I went to America with her."said Lily.

Lily's parents were delighted.They had met James and they took a liking to him.Lily asked to be excused as she dashed upstairs to read her Hogwarts letter.Lily saw the letter on her bed and picked it up.It feels heavier this year thought Lily.She opened the letter to see three parchment letters and a big silver Head Girl badge.Lily held the badge in her hands and squealed.She took out the first two pieces of parchment and threw them on her bed, then Lily opened the last piece of parchment and read it.

Miss Evans,
I am proud to inform you that you have been selected as Head Girl for your final year of Hogwarts.Please go to the Head's compartment where you and the Head Boy will get your instructions.Enjoy the rest of your summer.
Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

Lily rushed downstairs, badge and letter in hand.
"Mum!Dad!Look!"Lily shouted waving the letter in the air.
"Lily, what is it?"asked her mother as Mr.Evans took the letter and read it.He grinned, handed it to Mrs.Evans and hugged Lily.
"Oh Lily, we're so proud of you! Head Girl!"said Mrs.Evans.
"Do you need anything for school?"said her father.
"No, I don't think so!Well,is I do Lisa, Sarah, and I will go to Diagon Alley."said Lily.
"Okay Lily dear, you go upstairs and tell Pet that Vernon is on the phone."said her mother.
"Okay mum."Lily shrugged.Lily went upstairs and knocked on Petunia's door.
"Pe-tunia!Your smelly boyfriend is on the phone."said Lily,Petunia stepped out of her room and ran downstairs.Lily went down the hall,slipped into her room,put in a cd and dozed off.Lily woke up in the morning and got ready for her best friends to come and pick her up.The doorbell rang at noon.When Lily opened the door, she saw her two best friends and a awsome red car.
~Please R/R/R!

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