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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Trials of Foundation by music_is_magic

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Rowena Ravenclaw turned the pages of her novel slowly, taking in every word. She paused, staring into the empty fireplace. “Flagrate!” she whispered, pulling out her wand. Flames shot up, bringing warmth to the room she occupied, which her Best Friend Helga fondly called the Ravenclaw Room.

She was about to go back to her book when a shape apruptly span through the fireplace, revealing none other than Salazar Slytherin.

“Salazar!” Rowena cried, throwing herself into his arms. She pushed back a strand of her wavy black hair. Salazar planted a kiss on the top of her head and gave her a small smile. “ I only just got back from my travels. And might I say, you have grown ever so much more beautiful since I last saw you."

Rowena felt a blush form on her usually pale face. “Oh- Er- Um-Well….”

Salazar halted her stammering suddenly, by placing a finger on her lips. “Hush….Or I won’t be able to do this.”

With that, he leant down and kissed her, softly at first, but then growing into a passionate embrace. He put his arm around her as they kissed, while the sun set behind them.

Godric stood in the Great Hall, his eyes straying from the students of his school, Hogwarts. On this particular morning, he was distracted by something……or someone. His eyes were drawn to a woman at the end of the table. Her wavy black hair, like an ocean of black around her creamy skin, those pale blue eyes that haunted him every night, in his dreams, his nightmares. She laughed that silky laugh that made Godric’s hair go on end, and smiled that beautiful smile, her lips the colour of blood, her lips that he so wanted to kiss……

He walked over to Rowena Ravenclaw, his secret love, brushing his Auburn hair out of his eyes. “Good Morning Rowena!” He said, bowing slightly and kissing her hand. She laughed again and Godric felt a shiver run through his body. He heard a cough from behind him, and saw Helga Hufflepuff, looking at him and fluttering her eyelashes at him comically.

“Ah… Helga. Good Morning. How was your date with Arthur?”

She giggled and pulled her long blonde hair away from her round face. “Oh, well, it was- spectacular! Arthur is a dear, despite the fact I- well, I kind of set fire to his coat, but I fixed it soon enough.”

Godric laughed, daring a glance at Rowena. She had smiled at her friends words, and said with humour in her voice, “I’m guessing he’s used to all this magic. It must be hard dating a muggle, but it looks like Arthur and you are doing just fine.”

“Muggle, did you say? Is Helga still dating a muggle?” A new voice said, scorn in his voice.

“Whats wrong with that?” Helga demanded, her eyes filling with tears. Godric sighed, disappointed with his pure blood obsessed friend.

“I see that you are back Salazar. As Helga stated, what is wrong with dating a muggle? I find no problem with it.”

Salazar sat down next to Rowena, giving Helga an amused look. “Well, regardless of the fact he is obviously aware of you being a witch, dating a worthless muggle? That’s low, even for you Helga.”

She looked at him, tears starting to fall down her cheeks. She looked to Rowena, hoping for some support, but to both hers and Godrics surprise, she bit her lip and shrugged. Helga let out a sob and ran from the Hall, attracting the attention of some first years. Godric gave Salazar a furious glare and ran after her into the entrance hall. The schools only ghost, the Bloody Baron, floated past him as he ran after Helga.

“Helga” He shouted, seeing her in the classroom they used for teaching Magical History.She was crying, her eyes red and swollen. Godric walked over to her, and she looked up at him. “I’m so-o-sorry for getting so upset,” She sobbed. “I’m just so scared that A-Arthur will break up with me because I’m a- a witch.” Godric put his arm around her as she cried into his shoulder.

Suddenly the door burst open and Salazar entered, followed closely by Rowena. Helga sobbed loudly, and Godric frowned at Salazar. “ You should not have been so very unkind, Salazar. Helga has every right to date a muggle.”

Salazar’s eyes flashed. Rowena came forward. “Godric, I don’t think that Salazar was implying that…..”

“Actually Rowena,” Godric interrupted, surprised at Rowena taking Salazar’s side. “That is exactly what he implied. He doesn’t agree with Helga dating a Muggle.”

Rowena looked at him, hurt flashing through her eyes. Slazar failed to keep the smugness from his cruel face. Godric felt sore inside, hating himself for hurting Rowena. Salazar and Godric glared at each other, Helga still crying. Then something happened, something that changed it all. Salazar and Rowena, out of the blue, embraceed each other, Salazar kissing her forehead.

“No Way.” Godric said. “You’re not- not you two- together- no!” he stammered, forgetting about Helga. He swore that Salazar gave him a small smirk, before he said slowly, perhaps for effect. “ Well….yes. We are indeed together.”

It took all of Godric’s resitance to stop himself from cursing Salazar at that very moment. There was something not right about this…..

Rowena wrapped her shawl around her, her mind whirling. She entered the classroom, taking out her wand. “Settle down, quiet. Elizabeth, kindly get me a crate of rice bags. We are doing Summoning today. Mr Trentston, please be quiet!”A small boy blushed and opened his tattered textbook.

“Um- Proffesor Ravenclaw? I know it’s not any of my business but why was Proffesor Hufflepuff upset this morning?” A girl named Marianne asked her tentatively. Rowena bit her lip. “ She’s just a little tired after the big feast at Beauxbatons the other night.”
Marianne’s mouth formed an ‘O’ and Rowena continued to teach.

At the end of the lesson, just as she was dismissing the class, Helga shyly entered. “Hello Proffesor Hufflepuff, are you feeling better now?” Marianne asked her. Helga smiled and gave Rowena a puzzled look. “ Why, yes… I’m feeling a lot better thankyou. Remember to bring that lovely plant that your mother gave you to Herbology Marianne. I’d love to see it. What was it’s name again?”

“Well Proffesor, My Mum said I could name it, so I called it Mimbulus Mimbletonia. I don’t know what it actually means, but it sounded cool.”

Helga smiled at her as she left with the rest of the class. “ Hello Helga. What brings you here?” Rowena asked, feeling guilty. Helga bit her lip. “Well, I just thought I’d talk to you, after, you know, what happened this morning.”

“Oh. That.” Rowena said, her guilt rising. “ I’m sorry I didn’t defend you Helga. It’s just….”

“Yeah, I know. It’s hard to choose between friend and Boyfriend, who also happens to be your friend. I understand. It’s okay Rowena. I was a little upset, but I understand.”

Rowena sighed. “ Oh yeah, and about the whole Boyfriend thing…” Helga continued. “ You should of told me. Especially since it’s…well Salazar.”

“And what’s wrong with that?” Rowena snapped defencively, her short-lived relief now fading.

“ I don’t know, I just…. Don’t really trust Salazar. He’s never loved anyone before, he doesn’t even believe in it. I don’t think he really loves you……”

Rowena saw red. Her best friend, who she had known for eternity, was accusing Salazar of using her. “ YES HE DOES!” She shouted. “ I can’t believe…. You accusing…. You are meant to be my best friend Helga! Salazar has done nothing wrong, and now you say he is using me! He’s just different! You and Godric shouldn’t be so cruel!” Helga’s eyes brimmed with tears. “ Look! He even gave me this necklace last night! It was a family treasure, and he said that he loved me enough to give it up!” She shouted, holding a neclace up. Helga could see it was green, with a strange snake on it. Something flickered in her memory. And she frowned. That necklace was somehow familiar…..

“ Rowena….Please, just ask him if he loves you, if he trully loves you. I just don’t trust him…..”
She was cut short by Rowena storming out of the room. Helga wiped a tear from her eye. “ I have to get Godric.” She whispered, as she ran out of the room.

“ It’s got to be here somewhere!” Helga said, frowning at the bookshelf in front of her. She looked at Godric who was frowning. “What did you say this necklace looked like?” He asked her. Throwing the book on the floor beside him.

“ It’s green with a snake…..” she said, then gasped. “What!” Godric said, walking over to her. “ I found it!” She said, pointing at a picture in a book, above some writing.

The Amulet of Parcel is a highly powerful object, used by the darkest of Wizards. They ask a witch to wear it for twenty four hours, then take them to the Mysterious Parcel Manor. The wearer, Good or Evil, will become possessed by the other wizard once the fatal kiss is made. The wizard will then draw that witches power, along with the Amulets Power. This will leave the witch soulless and dead, and the power the wizard will have will be invincible. But it only works on witches born under a blood moon, on the turn of a century. Beware the power of the Amulet……

“Oh no….. Oh no…… Rowena!” Helga exclaimed, crying. “ She isn’t…. She isn’t born under the blood moon is she?” Godric asked, his face white. Helga nodded slowly. “ And….. She was born at the beginning of this century.”

The two looked at each other in horror. Godric grabbed the book as the two ran through the castle. “ Rowena!” Helga screamed.

Meanwhile, Rowena was in the dungeons, crying into Salazar’s arm. “I can’t believe that she did that to me!” Salazar comforted her. “ It’s okay….. How about I take you someplace special. Okay?”

Rowena nodded. “ Take me away from here.” Salazar smiled, and apparated. But before he did, Rowena heard a shout. “ Rowena! Don’t kiss him!” She tried to see who it was but instead she found herself in a tower. “ Where are we?” she asked suspiciously. “ Parcel Manor.” Salazar said, taking her hand. He reached in for a kiss, but Rowena moved away. “ Wait…. Parcel Manor? I thought that was a Myth!”

“ Rowena, just kiss me now! I need you to kiss me!” he said, his voice harsh. Rowena remembered the voice that had shouted her name. “No….. I… don’t feel like it right now.”
She heard a pop behind her as Helga and Godric apparated into the Room. “ Rowena!” Godric said, gasping. “Don’t kiss him!” Rowena stared, as a memory came back to her, something she had read….

“ No!” she shouted, turning to Salazar. “ Let me go!” She pulled her arm away but Salazar pulled her closer. “ Stupid girl. For someone so smart you acted extremely dumb.” He whispered, and kissed her on the lips before she could protest. “ No!” Godric shouted, as Helga screamed. Rowena felt pain shoot through her as she screamed in agony. A pale blue light was coming from her, towards Salazar. Godric suddenly ran to her. He grabbed the necklace and to Salazar’s horror, smashed it. Rowena screamed. The pain stopped and Salazar apparated.

“Rowena!” Helga shouted, running to her. Godric held her in his arms as she cried into his shoulder. He kissed her softly on the head. Helga joined the hug as they sat, tears falling from even Godric’s eyes.

A few weeks later, The school was back to normal, except for the absence of Salazar. They had decided to tell people that they had fought with Salazar about whether Muggle-borns should be allowed in the school, which was technically true. Rowena was again reading in the Ravenclaw Room, when another man disturbed her reading. “Hello Godric.” She said, smiling. “ I owe you an apology…”
“ No.” Godric said shortly. He came closer, so close Rowena could see every part of his handsome face, and his Auburn Hair. “ I owe you an apology. For keeping a secret from you.”

Rowena’s heart lurched. Godric leant forward and kissed her softly on the lips.

“ Good. I’ve been wanting to do that for many years.”

Rowena smiled at him as leant forward and kissed him. “ So have I.”

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