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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Their Compromise by Sentinelity

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As the last of the few remaining students boarded the crimson colored train, the large clock tower from afar chimed eleven o’ clock. Within a minute the train started to stir and gain speed with ease. The blurs of buildings started to disappear as a forest of greens could be seen from the hundreds of compartment windows.

An hour later a frizzy brunette stepped out of a compartment with an expression of pure happiness. Her shiny Head Girl badge glistened in the afternoon sunlight from one of the windows in the corridor. This was indeed the last year for Hermione Granger. With each step she took there was an air of pride and dignity that could be seen even a yard away.

About two minutes later Hermione had arrived in front of a red oak door that held the words ‘Meeting Room’. Taking in a deep breath she grabbed the handle and put on a polite smile. Her eyes immediately darted to the two front chairs that were supposedly for the Head Boy and Girl. Hermione shivered with anticipation as her nerves began to kick in, but held a contented face. She noticed most of the prefects had already arrived before her, which meant the meeting would be starting soon. Her legs immediately reached the end table and sat in her seat waiting.

The chattering in the room died down as an old woman swung open the door with hurried footsteps. Her hair was held tightly in a bun and her stern face meant business.

“Good afternoon, I will be informing you about what your duties will be throughout the year and what is to be expected of you.” she said quickly. “Now before we start I will be-”

At that exact same moment the door slammed open to reveal a tall prefect with white-blond hair and grey-blue eyes. He sat down at one of the unoccupied chairs and noticed the stares that were directing at him.

“Yes?” he asked coolly.

“Mr. Malfoy I’d prefer you arrive on time then make such unnecessary entry.” Professor McGonagall replied sternly. “Please refrain from being late again or you’ll be hearing from me.”

Draco gave no reply and instead stared out at the window across from his seat. The professor gave him one last stare before turning back to the meeting at hand. She grabbed a paper from the table and began taking attendance from the names that were listed.

Minutes later she spoke up again, “Now that everyone’s here I will be handing out your patrolling schedules and I highly recommend not losing them unless you would like to be partnered up and gain extra hours.”

She waited and looked around for any questions before continuing again, “As expected of you, I would like to see that you show responsibility in your duties and not take advantage of your position.”

Her eyes settled on Draco with a meaningful glance but looked away seconds after. The boy smirked with a gleam of mischief in his eyes and continued looking out the window.

Twenty minutes later the meeting was finally over and the prefects were filing out of the room eager to meet up with their friends. However this did not include a certain boy as he stood waiting for Hermione to come out from discussing last minute matters with Professor McGonagall. Draco smirked as he would never lose a chance to annoy one of the golden trios.

Seconds after, Hermione stepped out only to find an all too familiar boy a few feet away. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes trying to calm herself down as she recalled her past encounters with him. His voice did not help but only made her angrier.

“So Potter’s useless pet weasel finally stooped so low as to date you?” he asked with a scornful look.

She glared at him with hatred and said, “Who are YOU to ask a question like that?! And why do you care who he dates anyways?!”

Hermione’s face turned a light shade of pink as her voice rose with every word said. Draco on the other hand was finding it amusing that a question could make her face turn pink in mere seconds. Is she wearing make-up? Wait, why do I even notice?

“Well as disgusting as he is, I still think he could’ve done better, and I never said I cared.” he scoffed.

Her bottled up rage began to crack as her restraint from smacking his pale colored face was wearing thin. She began to breathe in and out for about a few seconds before replying.

“Listen up you git, just get off my back before I hex you into oblivion because unlike YOU, I know more spells than all YOUR friends put together!!!!” Hermione screamed with rage.

Just as Malfoy was about to retort she stormed off in the direction of her friend’s compartment leaving him standing alone in the corridor.

As Hermione reached the compartment door she was looking for, her expression of anger turned into exhaustion. She slid the door open to find her best friend and boyfriend sitting on one side playing with Crookshanks.

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley looked up from the furry ginger-red cat and smiled at the approaching girl that entered.

She smiled back at both boys as her warm brown eyes came upon a bright-red head.

“Hey, sorry I’m late but I got held up after the meeting.” Hermione said stiffly.

She sat next to Ron and kissed him on the cheek before leaning her head on his shoulder and continuing.

“You can guess who,” she said irritably.

Ron looked at her with concern and spoke up, “It isn’t…”

“Malfoy,” Harry said disdainfully and quickly stood up. “…that conceited moron didn’t do anything to you did he?”

Hermione looked at Harry and Ron’s infuriated faces. Her heart lightened as the thought of having such considerate people around made almost everything that happened disappear. She smiled at them and gave a light laugh.

“Don’t worry, he’s not worth our time anyways and besides this is our last year.” she gave them both a stern look. “Our N.E.W.T finals are coming up and that’s more important then Malfoy’s frivolous taunts.”

Both boys rolled there eyes and sighed at Hermione’s relentless acknowledgment for school education. The change of topic from Malfoy had helped clear the tension from the compartment as they talked about Quidditch and the newest products in ‘Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes’.

After a few good laughs the endless forestry that could be seen from the windows were left behind and replaced by a grand station. The sky gave a brilliant mix of red, yellow, and orange as the trios stepped out onto the hard concrete floor. The sun’s last remaining light produced shadows everywhere.

Both boys parted Hermione as she stayed behind with the Head Boy. The year has yet to begin…

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