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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Early Morning Delight - Outtake Ch. 28 of TLRH by Ashwinder

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Outtake from "The Long Road Home", Chapter 28

A/N: This outtake is a collaboration between Ashwinder and Maid Marian.

He placed his hand in the centre of Ginny's back, gently caressing the warm expanse of skin there. She shifted and stretched in her sleep. If nothing else they would have to get up soon to get ready. Brushing the hair away from her neck, Harry leaned over and nuzzled. Ginny responded by rolling over into his arms.

He held her close to him, his arms tightening around her as a sudden image, very real flooded his mind. It had been sunny a year ago today. The light had penetrated the cracks between the boards over the windows of the Shrieking Shack. His breath expelled itself in a shudder. He was going to need her today.

Ginny sensed his need. She was awake now, lifting her head to look into his eyes, and no words were necessary between them. He could see the concern welling up in her eyes, even as she shook off the last vestiges of sleep. Then she brought up a hand to trace the contours of his face as she leaned in to kiss him, rolling to lie across his chest while under the covers her other hand began to ease downward towards his waist as she slipped it around his back to pull him closer.

She leaned back and looked deeply into his eyes, and Harry could feel the love in her gaze. He wanted to say something to her, to tell her what she meant to him, but he was afraid he’d break the moment. He remained silent as her hand reached down to his waist and her other hand came around from his back. She began massaging his sides, and he began to fight a battle within himself; he was torn between stopping her because she was tickling him and letting her go on. It had only been a few weeks, but she had learned very quickly which parts of his body were the most sensitive. There seemed to be a new look in Ginny’s eyes this morning, one that Harry was sure he’d had seen before, but never when they had made love. She wanted to take control and decide what the next move was going to be. Harry welcomed it.

Her touch was driving him mad; she had found yet another erogenous zone on his body. How could he tell her to stop when it felt so good? He decided to return the favour by moving his hands about, savouring her skin. But he was unable to distract her from her mission.

Her mouth was busy planting light kisses to his throat, every so often blazing a trail to his earlobe and sucking softly on it. Harry extended his neck as far as he could to give her as much access as she desired. He loved the feel of her mouth on him. Her hands shifted once again, daring to move downwards to where she could tease him briefly before returning to his waist. As soon as he thought he was safe, she would attack once more. He burst out laughing as she tickled him in another sensitive spot, but she cut short his laughter by pressing her mouth on his in an ever-deepening kiss.

He moved beneath her in an attempt to roll them both over, but with one intense gaze she silently told him she wanted him to stay where he was. She wanted to show her love for him this morning.

Ginny lifted herself into an upright position until she was straddling Harry’s lower body. He watched a knowing smile spread over her features as she felt his body's reaction to her. She placed her hands on his chest and caressed her way up and down his torso. Harry, met with the enticing sight of Ginny sitting naked astride him, was unable to resist the temptation to return the touch. He reached up to cover her breasts with his hands, enjoying their firm weight. He felt her nipples harden beneath his palms as he squeezed gently. He removed one hand intentionally drawing his fingers across one hardened tip, smiling as Ginny threw her head back and pushed against him. She loved this. She wanted more. He raised his head towards her, intending to kiss.

She pushed him back onto the bed, entwining her hands with his and bringing them over his head. He had gone too far in his attentions. It was her turn to express her love. She eased herself down upon him, causing him to gasp in surprise. He hadn't thought she'd be ready for him so soon, but she was. Harry was completely engulfed in her heat. Very slowly she began to rock herself back and forth, her movements agonisingly slow. She leaned forward, bringing her hands down to his shoulders and neck so she could kiss him once again.

Harry thought back to the first time they'd tried this position. It had been the second time they'd made love, and he'd had no idea they were even going to attempt it. He had hesitated several times after their wedding night, he was so afraid of hurting her again. In one way it was nice to discover different ways of pleasing each other, but he'd longed to be one with her again. Ginny had mentioned something about the girls in her dormitory having a talk about sex one night just before the Christmas holidays, and one of them had talked of a way of almost, but not quite, having sex. She had said it was convenient for certain times when sex wasn’t an option. Harry had trusted Ginny completely and let her try it, becoming so lost in the pleasure she was creating that he almost hadn’t released what had happened when Ginny had shifted slightly and allowed them to join completely. Before he could say a word of protest, she'd covered his mouth with hers, and he had given himself up to the sensations her body was bringing him. That occurrence had been extremely satisfying for both of them, and Harry looked forward now to a similar experience.

Even though their lovemaking hadn't been frenzied up till now, the pace was usually much faster than the one Ginny was setting. In a strange way he found it more enjoyable; they were able to maintain eye contact and that only seemed to intensify the experience. He felt as if he was drowning in the love he saw expressed in her gaze.

He moved his hands to her derriere in hopes of guiding her to move faster, but she wouldn't allow it. This was her love for him; this was his time to be loved. He watched her as her look of concentration intensified -- God, she was beautiful. Everything about her turned him on and made him fall more deeply in love with her, from the way she teased him to the way she could express her feelings for him with a simple look. She was so strong and brave. Maybe that’s what he admired about her most. She wasn’t afraid to pursue what she wanted. Right now she wanted to make love to him, and he would let her give him that gift.

Just as Harry was becoming accustomed to her movements, his eyes widened as he felt something new. He bit back a groan as his mind tried to comprehend what she was doing, which made for quite an effort since most of his blood was definitely elsewhere. He didn't quite know how she was managing it, but it felt to him as if she was tightening around him as she pulled up. He didn't think he'd ever want her to stop, but the sensations were so powerful he wanted to explode within her then and there. He gritted his teeth and felt beads of perspiration begin to break out on his brow as he tried to hold on. Anything to make the pleasure last.

She kept up the torturous rhythm until they were both exhaling hard with every stroke. Only then did she let Harry use his hands to guide her movements. He began penetrate more deeply with every thrust, and their deep, panting breaths turned into wordless groans of pleasure. Harry could feel tremors passing through Ginny's body now. She had finally broken eye contact and had thrown her head back, as she felt completion was near. With once final thrust, Harry felt the pulsating begin, heard her cry out, and he knew he could let his own climax to take over at last.

A good while later, Ginny still lay sprawled across Harry's chest as they waited for their heart-rates and breathing to return to normal. She'd given him the sweet oblivion he'd been craving for a time, but they could linger here no longer. As unappealing as the idea was, it was time to think about getting up. He stirred, and she raised her head to look at him with a rather bleary-eyed expression, as if she'd been about to drop off once more.

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