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Non-HP related Fanfics >> Illusion by music_is_magic

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Maritta tiptoed down the filthy alley, her long, tattered gown dragging along behind her. She could hear shouts in the distance, screaming for murder. To be precise, her murder.

The Witch Hunts. Obsessive and dangerous for a women like her. Women who are smart, who are gifted. Who don’t let men push them around. Her appearance did nothing to convince them of her innocence, she had curly white hair that would not lie flat, and her skin was the same pale, transperent albino white as her hair. But her eyes, they were what frightened the simple minded townsfolk the most. They were a deep violet, inquisitive and dark.

She could see faint torchlight in the distance, so she swiftly moved faster, wishing that she was anywhere but there. The people of her town, led by the ruthless Captain Fredrick, would show no mercy to a convicted witch. But the worst thing was that this time they had got it right. For the first time in Maritta’s whole life, they had convicted a real witch.

She ran faster, quickly creating an illusion of her running down the opposite street. She hid behind a pile of boxes, waiting for the telltale shouts of the mob. Her power was illusion, she could create things that were not real. The mob finally arrived, and saw the other Maritta run down the street. They chased after her, shouting. The real Maritta continued her escape through the streets, trying desperately to reach the forest, where she knew her younger sister would be hiding, hoping that her sister would survive. Maritta ran for her life, sprinting through the deserted streets. But her luck had run out. Standing in front of her was the entire mob, torches lit, leering at her. Captain Fredrick walked forward, his face triumphant. “Nowhere to run, witch. It’s time to face the fire.

Maritta screamed, a scream that pierced the sunlit sky above.

Hours later, a young girl entered the town square, moving quickly through the darkness. The town was quiet, no person would wander in the night. The girl walked quickly over to the stocks where a lone figure was imprisoned. As the girl approached, Maritta looked up hopefully. “Elizabeth, I knew you would not leave me!” She whispered as her sister unlocked the stocks with a key she had stolen. Elizabeth looked up at her sister as she freed her, her blue eyes wary. “I would not desert you sister, but I am worried for you. These allegations, they are of course untrue?” She asked tentatively. Maritta was massaging her neck, a thoughtful expression on her face. “I think you should know the truth Elizabeth. The mob has gotten it right for the first time.”

Her sister gasped, dropping the keys. From the dull light Elizabeth’s candle provided, Maritta could see tears forming in her eyes. “Maritta, you will be killed!” She whispered, tears staining her rosy cheeks, her blonde curls askew. Maritta stared at her sister, her wisdom showing in her pale face. “Do not worry Elizabeth. I have a question for you. Which would you prefer, to be dragged into the fire, or to walk in, laughing at your captors?” Maritta asked. Elizabeth looked at her, confused.

“Why neither of course! There is no difference!”She exclaimed quietly. Maritta sighed, looking into her sister’s eyes. “You will understand one day, my sister.”
Maritta could feel the eyes of every person in the town square on her as she stood before the Captain, her head raised defiantely. “Maritta Ethelway, you have been accused and convicted of Witchcraft, a crime most heinous. Before you are killed, how do you plead to this crime?” He said, trying to hide the smirk on his face.

“Well, it does not matter either way, if I plead guilty or not guilty. But I will be honest, and succumb to your pathetic mind trickery.” Maritta paused, her eyes locking with her sisters. She breathed slowly, and truned back to the Captain. “I plead guilty of being a witch. But I am not guilty of hurting any person here, or their possesions.And now, if you do not mind, I will walk myself to my death.”

She thought she heard her sisters voice in the distance, shouting out for her to stop, but before anyone could do anything, Maritta was walking towards the large fire in the centre, her head held high and laughing into the faces of the bewildered onlookers. Elizabeth looked on in grief as her sister stepped into the fire, her face filled with triumph as Elizabeth broke down.

A week after Maritta the witch had died, Elizabeth sat in the forest, staring into the trees. She could remember the last words Maritta had said to her. “Which would you prefer, to be dragged into the fire, or to walk in, laughing at your captors?” Elizabeth had thought at the time that it was nonsense, but her mind kept flashing back to Maritta walking into the fire, laughing. Elizabeth suddenly felt determination inside her as she realised that she had been wrong. She had said there was no difference, but in fact, there was all the difference in the world.

As she sat there, smiling sadly at the sunset, she thought she saw a white figure smile at her from behind the trees, before disappearing.With this, one thought came to Elizabeth’s mind. One word, simple, yet beautiful.


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