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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> The Spirits Call by music_is_magic

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“Hello? Jimmy? Are you here?” a timid voice said through the darkness. “Jim!” She shouted, and emerged into the candlelight. It was a young woman who walked through the shadowy halls of the cottage. She had long red hair that fell straight down her back; her skin was pure white, like snow. Her almond shaped eyes were green, like emeralds twinkling in the night.

The girl continued down the hallway, her face etched with worry. “Jim? Where are you?” she whispered, then pulled a wand out from underneath her dirty, torn tunic. “Lumos!”

Her wand lit immediately, and she continued down the hall, turning into a dimly lit room. “Hello?” She whispered, looking around. The room was empty, except for a chair, which held a gown.

The gown was beautiful. It was a lush green, and was lined with lace and pearls. The girl gasped, and walked slowly over to the gown, as if she were hypnotized by it. She reached for it slowly, and stroked it tenderly. It was made of velvet, and felt wonderful on her fingers. The girl slowly picked up the gown, staring at it. Suddenly, as if the gown told her to, she began to undress, replacing her ragged tunic with the beautiful gown.

It made her feel like a Princess. She spun around in it, her mind filled with dreams of dancing at a ball, with all the rich wizards and wizards. She had forgotten completely about Jim. All of a sudden, a noise startled her from her reverie. She heard a loud pop somewhere in the house, and froze.
“Who-Who’s there? Is that you Jim?”

She heard faint footsteps, coming towards her, and she retreated into the darkness. “Jimmy?” She whispered, fear creeping into her heart. She reached for her wand, but to her horror, she discovered she had left it with her tunic. On the other side of the room. And the footsteps were approaching.

The door slowly creaked open and she retreated even more into the shadows, barely breathing. A man entered the room, looking around. His eyes seemed to linger over where she was standing, but he continued to gaze around the room. He began to leave, and the girl let out a sigh of relief, faintly perceptible in the silent night.

Suddenly the man spun around, and ropes shot out of his wand. The girl fell to the ground, and before she could scream, the man whispered, “Silencio!” The girl lay on the ground as the man walked over, bending over her. He raised his wand calmly, a grin on his face. That grin reminded her of something, and she suddenly realised who the man was. Her eyes widened and the man smiled. “Goodbye Lilith.” He whispered, before raising his wand high.

“Avada Kedavra!”

* * * * *
Lily Evans woke suddenly, sweat covering her face. Her heart was racing, and her emerald green eyes were opened wide. Her mind kept returning to the flash of green light, and the laughter of the man in her dream. She sat up cautiously, her body shaking, Goosebumps covering her legs and arms. Lily breathed in slowly, trying to clear her head of those horrible images.

She could only remember small parts of her dream; the dress, a man murdering a girl whose name Lily could not remember, and a man named Jim, who the girl was meant to meet. Something about the girl in her dream seemed strangely familiar, but she could not quite think of what.

Lily suddenly heard a faint knock on her door, and walked over slowly, opening it. Standing on the other side was Petunia, frowning sternly at her.

“Lily! Breakfast is ready! Really, I don’t know why you need so much sleep! I was awake at 6:42 this morning. And it is now 9:27. Really Lily! I don’t know how you manage to get to class at that- at that School.” She whispered, as if saying the word Hogwarts was like saying a dirty swear word. Lily smiled wearily. Petunia was sweet, but so very cautious.

When Lily was younger, she had read a book on names and the meanings, and had suggested to her mother that Petunia should have been named Prudence, which meant “Someone who was cautious.” Predictably, her mother was not at all pleased. “I named her Petunia for a reason sweetie, just as I called you Lily for a reason. Prudence is a ghastly name.”

Petunia coughed meaningfully, and glared at her. Lily sighed. “I’m coming Petty, I’m coming.”

“Don’t call me that. It’s immature and childish to call someone by a silly name like that.” Petunia said sternly as they walked downstairs towards the kitchen, and Lily had to hide her laughter.

They reached the kitchen, where they found their mother smiling at them excitedly. To be exact, smiling at Lily excitedly. “Lily! A letter came for you! From Hogwarts! I know I was not meant to open it, but you were asleep and I thought it may be important…here!” She said, thrusting the letter into Lily’s hands. It was messily resealed, and Lily quickly pried it open, as something fell to the ground.

Dear Lily Evans,
I am pleased to inform you that you have been chosen as the Head Girl of Hogwarts this year. Congratulations! As Head Girl, you will be helping the new First Years, supervising other students, assisting the teachers and generally being a good role model.

I am sure that you will be successful, alongside the new Head Boy.

Albus Dumbledore
Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

P.s. Your badge is with the letter.

Lily gasped. “Me? Head-Head Girl?” She murmured. Her mother smiled at her happily.
“I’m so proud of you sweetheart!” Her mother exclaimed, walking over and hugging Lily. Petunia stood in the background, forgotten, staring bitterly at her sister. But deep down, she felt the smallest, tiniest bit of pride, which she quickly tried to suppress with her jealousy. “But mum! Why is being Head Girl of that school so important! It just makes her the Head Freak!”

“Petunia! How dare you be so cruel! Go to your room!” Came her mother’s stern voice, and Lily hung her head, saddened by her sister’s reaction. Petunia walked up to her room angrily, slamming her door with force.

“Mum- Petunia is right. It isn’t that special that I got Head Girl. Besides, what about Petunia? She got top marks in her exams!” She said, her large green eyes pleading with her mother, who shrugged her comment away.
“But Head Girl! Head Girl of Hogwarts! Amazing! I am so proud of you darling!”

Lily sighed; her thoughts returning to her often overlooked sister. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. Lily’s mother frowned, puzzled. “Who could that be? We aren’t expecting anyone….” She mumbled, walking over to the door. Lily followed her, and let out a gasp when she saw who it was standing on their doorstep. “Remus! What are you doing here?” She said as her classmate stepped inside. Remus smiled, but it was a weary one. “I was in the area, and I thought I’d come say hello.” He said, smiling at her mother, who replied for Lily.
“Oh, that would be lovely Remus! I’ll go make you something to eat!”

Remus walked in tentatively, clutching a book to his chest. Lily smiled, unsure at how to react. Out of all the boys in her year, Remus had to be her favourite. He was mature, and intelligent. She often spoke to him about schoolwork and other things.

She studied his face with interest. He appeared ill. Then she realised, with a jolt, that it was a full moon the next night. Remus had not told her of his Lycanthropy, but she had guessed after doing and assignment on Werewolves. She had not yet told him that she knew, fearing he would not wish to speak to her anymore.

“So… How have your holidays been Remus?” She asked, smiling as they sat on the lounge. He smiled back at her. “Oh lovely. I am very excited about my last year at Hogwarts. I have already got all of my books and everything!”

Lily nodded. “I have as well. The new Charms book is very interesting, isn't it?”
“Yes, very.”
There was an awkward silence as they sat there, unsure of what to say. Fortunately, Mrs. Evans walked in, breaking the silence. “Here we go. Some chocolate biscuits. And Remus, has Lily told you the good news yet? She is Head Girl!”

Remus raised his eyebrows, smiling with an intrigued expression on his face as Mrs Evans left the room. “Well, this should be interesting.” He said shortly, and Lily frowned. “Why? Oh, I see! You are obviously Head Boy! What a lovely choice!” She exclaimed, but Remus shook his head vigorously. “No. I am not Head Boy Lily. But I know who is. And the choice may not altogether please you.”
“Who is it? It isn’t Severus is it!” She exclaimed, fearful at the thought of that cruel Slytherin being Head Boy. But the words Remus next spoke made her wish that Snape had been chosen as Head Boy.
“No. James Potter is.”

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