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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Wishing you were here by music_is_magic

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The sky was calm as the sun set in the distance.Harris Toren watched it as he paced the corridor of St Mungos. Suddenly he heard a noise through the doors, and a healer stepped through, smiling. “Mr Toren, I am glad to say that your wife has given birth to a lovely baby girl!” he said, and Harris sighed in relief. “Thank goodness!” He said, and sat down, his worries gone. Now he waited, and looked out the window, where the sky was darkening, and clouds were rolling in. A storm brewed as the sun left the sky, and he saw the glimmer of the moon on the horizon. As the moon rose, so he could see it in all it’s glory, and lightning split the sky, the healer walked through again. “Mr Toren, your wife has had her other child, a baby girl. You can go see your children now.”

Harris raced through, and saw at once his beautiful wife, holding two beautiful babies in her arms. He saw at once that the babies were not identical. Harris walked over to his wife, and picked up the babies. One was smiling at him, asleep. She was beautiful, and looked so pure and innocent. Then he looked to the other baby, who was awake. She stared at him, her eyes distrusting, no smile on her face. Harris stared at the baby, who kept her small eyes on him, unmoving. Harris quickly handed the children back to his wife, and held her hand. “So what are you going to name them? I was thinking Katherine and Margaret, what do you-” He started, but his wife hushed him.

“I think that the girl that was born first should be named Eleanor. And my other daughter should be named Selena.” She said quietly, cradling her children. Harris watched her, as they were lost in the joy of their two new born children.

Eleven Years later……………
Two girls sat in the kitchen of a small house in london, eating porridge slowly. These two girls were Eleanor and Selena, twins, but totally different. They were often discribed as Black and White, North and South, Yin and Yang, Sun and Moon. Total Opposites. Eleanor was a happy, bubbly girl, who often was described as the sun because of her blonde hair, naturally tanned skin and sparkling blue eyes. If Eleanor was the sun, then Selena was the moon.Her skin was pale and her eyes were a strange shade of grey. Long black hair hung limply as she ate her food slowly, her intelligent eyes taking in everything.

The girls ate in silence for a while, but both kept looking out the window. This had become a daily routine for the girls, as they were waiting for something of great sentimental value to both of them.

Suddenly Eleanor let out a squeal, and Selena stood, peering out the window. For flying towards them was a brown owl, clutching a letter. Selena quickly opened the window, and the owl flew in, dropping the letter on the table. Eleanor grabbed it, and squealed yet again. “It’s come Sel! It’s come! They probably put it in one letter, since we are twins and all. Ooh! Let me open it!”

Selena nodded and sat down as Eleanor opened the letter. She quickly scanned over it, but her face fell strangely, and she read the letter again. “That’s not right- They must have made a mistake Sel. It’s only addressed to me.” She said quietly. Selena grabbed the letter and read it, her face showing shock. “Ellie, why isn’t my name on here? Do you think my letter is coming later or something?” She asked slowly, scanning the letter again. Suddenly another owl entered the room and Eleanor let out a sigh of relief. “Here it is!”

Selena opened it eagerly, not bothering to look at the person it was adressed to, and stared at the piece of parchment in her hand.

Dear Mr and Mrs Toren,
You may be aware that your daughter Selena has not received a Hogwarts letter, but her twin sister has. I am sorry to say this, but I am afraid that your daughter has not gained a place at Hogwarts.I am very sorry, but Eleanor got a place, and Selena did not.I just thought you should know.

Albus Dumbledore.

Selena felt numb, as if something had hit her. She had waited her whole life to go to Hogwarts with her sister, but now they were saying that she could not go? Eleanor leaned over and looked at the letter, her eyes wide when she had finished it.

“Selena wasn’t accepted.That isn’t possible!” Selena heard her father shout downstairs that night after her mother informed him. She sat by her door, listening to her parents argument. Over her. Again.

“But-But- They are twins!” He shouted. Her mother sighed. “Ahh, but they are not identical twins, you know that. Non-identical twins have nothing in common except their parents and their birthday. They are just sisters who are the same age.”

“But we are a pure blood family! Pure blood for generations! Since the time of the founders!” He continued, and Selena hugged herself as she listened to her mother trying to explain rationally to her father that she was not magical enough to go to Hogwarts. She finally heard her parents go to bed, and she wiped a tear away, desperately trying to control the grief threatening to overwhelm her.

On September 1st they entered Kings Cross station, Eleanor wheeling along a trunk, and an owl. Selena walked next to her, trying to hold a fake smile on her face. Her sister kept looking at her kindly, but Selena did not want the sympathy. She wasn’t going on the train to Hogwarts with her sister. She was losing her dream, her twin sister, and her best friend. Selena had never felt more alone. As they reached Platform Nine and Three Quarters, and went through the barrier, Selena felt more and more sadness. The train was about to leave, so Eleanor said quick goodbyes. When she got to Adriana, she gave her a hug and whispered, “Write to me okay?” before stepping onto the train, which sped her out of Selena’s sight, and out of her life.

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