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Non-HP related Fanfics >> Ashes by music_is_magic

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“Where are you?” Kathy whispered to herself, glancing at her watch. Her eyes wandered over the people sitting in the resturant, and the small crowd that had gathered in front of the stage. She could faintly hear the performer, who was strumming her guitar and singing passionately into the microphone. The sound would usually greatly irritate Kathy, for she could not stand any music except classical, but her mind was otherwise preoccupied at that present moment.

She again scanned the crowd, analysing each face as she looked around the dimly lit resturant. The Lahlin Golf Club had been her favourite place to eat since she was a young girl. It was clean and tidy, just as she liked it, and it had a nice, friendly atmosphere. There was an all you can eat buffet, and an area full of tables where families sat. A large stage filled a section of the resturant, and there was a small dark bar in the corner, with a large sign saying “No person under 18 years allowed past this point.”

Kathy sighed. It was her 23rd birthday, so she was well and truly allowed in the bar, but she had never set foot in there. Alcohol was awful, and extremely unhealthy, very bad for your heart, she often told the drunks who passed by as she sat in the resturant. Then it came to her. She began to walk quickly over to the bar, pushing her way through the small crowd. “Excuse me!” She exclaimed, before squeezing her way into free space. She slowly walked into the bar, feeling extremely nervous. She desperately told herself it was only for a second, it wasn’t like she was going into the bar to drink!

She began to look around,searching for a familiar face. Then she saw her. Standing at the counter was a young woman, paying for a drink. She had Kathy’s long brown hair, except it was a lot messier. The girls skin was fair and creamy, and Kathy knew that if she was facing her, the womans eyes would be a dark forest green.

Kathy smoothed out the small creases in her blouse, and began to walk over to the woman. She tappped her softly on the shoulder, and the girl jumped, turning around with a look of surprise on her face.

“Where have you been Alice? You said you would meet me here at 7:00. It is now a quarter to 8.” She said sternly. Alice bit her lip, before smiling up at Kathy sheepishly. “Sorry sis. I was busy-“
“Busy? Busy? You have never done a days work in your life! How on earth could you be so busy, you could arrive 45 minutes after you were supposed to!” She exclaimed, and Alice frowned. “I was working on a painting, and I lost track of time, and when I arrived, I couldn’t see you, so I went to get a quick drink. I’m really sorry Kathy.”

Kathy glared at her sister, before sighing. “Kathy, you really need to start doing something useful, helping the community in someway. I know you like art, but it isn’t exactly a proper career path…..”

“Yes it is! Just because you are a workaholic, doesn’t mean every one else has to be to! Okay, I’m not Little Miss Perfect Katherine, who got straight A’s and was School Captain, who is a big-shot lawyer, but at least I have fun! At least I am happy! Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to have my drink!”

Kathy stared at her sister, full of anger. “Fine. I’m going to get something healthy to drink. Thanks for making my birthday so great Alice!” She finished bitterly, before making her way over to the tables. She approached the counter, and began to order a water, but suddenl a loud scream rang through the air, the words hovering over the crowd. “FIRE!”

Kathy spun around, alarmed, and indeed smelt the disgusting aroma of smoke filling her nostrils. She could see flames creeping up the walls, and froze. In the space of a few seconds, chaos emerged. The room filled with fire, wreckage covered the ground, and screams filled the air. People were trampling others to reach the exits, even the staff were pushing and shoving. Kathy remained calm, slowly moving towards the exits, before a thought came to her. “Alice!” She exclaimed, turning back.

She tried to run for the bar, but found herself thrown to the ground. She began to cough and splutter, but her mind focused on her sister. “Alice!” She screamed, hurridly standing up. She began to run through the people, and reached the bar. She looked around desperately, but she could not see Alice.

“Alice! Where are you!” She shouted over the noise. Then she saw a body on the ground, covered by debris. “Alice!” Kathy screamed, running over to her sister. Alice was unconscious, pinned to the ground by the pieces of fallen ceiling, and a table. She looked deathly pale, and Kathy began to panic. “Al-Alice? Please wake up!” She shouted, beginning to move the wood. After a few moments, Alice was free. Kathy gently lifted her up, checking for borken bones, before taking her out of the building. She raced to the fresh air, putting her sister on the ground, and looked around. There were people crying and coughing around her, and she could hear the sounds of an ambulance and a Fire Brigade in the distance. “Help! My sister needs help!” She screamed when the Ambulance stopped. She waved frantically, and a woman began to run over to her.

“What’s wrong with her?” The woman asked, feeling her pulse and reaching for some equipment. Kathy began to sob, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I don’t know. I really don’t know.”

The hospital waiting room was silent. The emptiness nagged at Kathy; where was the nurses who were supposed to be telling her that Alice was all right? Her heart beat furiously, and she felt cold and alone. She longed to see her sister, longed to hear her voice, to feel her hug, to see one of her paintings.

Suddenly a doctor emerged, and Kathy spun around. “Alice? Is she alright-“ She began, but paused when she saw the sombre look on the doctors face. “I’m sorry Miss Everett. Alice has- she breathed in a lot of smoke- well, your sister has passed away. I’m very sorry. We did all we could.” He said, before walking away. Kathy stood, staring at the air where the doctor had stood.

“Alice…..” She whispered, before she fell to the ground, tears flowing uncontrollably from her eyes.

A week later a very different Kathy Everett walked into her sisters apartment. It was a cheap one; the wallpaper was peeling, the carpet was stained and it had a very dusty smell to it. Kathy cautiously walked in, her eyes lifeless, her face grim. A young woman with bright red hair walked over, hugging Kathy. “I’m so sorry-“
“Why did you ask me over Jill? You said you had something to show me.” Kathy asked Alice’s old roommate snapishly. Jill frowned. “Well, I found a box, which was addressed to you, from Alice. It must have been your birthday present. It’s in her old room. I’ll just go do something now, okay?” Jill said, backing out of the room quickly. Kathy breathed in slowly, her mind swirling.

She walked into Alice’s old room cautiously, before she was overwhelmed by the memories. The room was a mess, mimicking Alice’s personality, the walls were covered with her paintings, and on the bed was the blanket that their grandmother had made for Alice when she was young. Kathy slowly moved towards a box, lying next to Alice’s easel. In large messy print, Alice had written only a few words, but each word was like a dagger in Kathy’s heart.

To Kathy,
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day, and have a heap of fun.

Kathy breathed in deeply, before carefully removing the tape that held the box together. She paused for a moment, unable to finish what she knew she must do, but she eventually opened the box. Inside was a single painting. Kathy gasped. It was beautiful, the colours blending with passion, intricate lines making her see the picture as if it were real. It was a painting of two children on a swing, an older girl pushing a younger one. Kathy smiled softly to herself.

“Thankyou Alice.”

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