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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> Because You Live by Pigwidgeon11

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Staring out at the rain
With a heavy heart
It’s the end of the world in my mind

Then your voice pulls me back like a wake-up call
I’ve been looking for the answer
I couldn’t see that it was right there
But now I know what I didn’t know

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself
When no body else can help
Because you live, girl
My world
Has twice as many stars in the sky

It’s all right, I survived
I’m alive again
Cause of you, made it through, in a storm

What is life, what’s the use if you’re killing time
I’m so glad I found an angel
Who was there when all my hopes failed
I wanna fly looking in your eyes

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself
When no body else can help
Because you live, girl
My world
Has twice as many stars in the sky

Because you live
I live

Because you live, there’s a reason why
I carry on, when I lose the fight
I want to give
What you’re giving me

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself
When no body else can help
Because you live, girl
My world
Has twice as many stars in the sky

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself
When no body else can help
Because you live, girl
My world
Has everything I need to survive

Because you live
I live
I live

Harry sighed and ran his finger through the wet sand as the song ran through his head. Its lyrics were engraved in his memory. He felt it fit his situation. He knew who his ‘angel’ was, but did she know it?

‘I need you,’ he thought desperately, lifting his head to gaze at the stars that were sprinkled haphazardly across the inky sky. ‘I need you.’


‘I need you.’

Ginny sat bolt up-right in the bed, as the words circled her mind. They were simple and sudden, yet the voice sounded like… Harry.

Her feet made no sound on the thick, lush carpeting as she crept down the beach house’s hallway and into the room that Ron and Harry shared. His bed was empty.

‘He wasn’t taken, though,’ she thought. ‘There was no struggle.’

She knew there was no real urgency, yet she felt compelled to find him.


‘I should have known,’ she thought as she stood on the wide porch, leaning on one of the white-washed support posts. The breeze, smelling of ocean salt, whipped about her red hair. She tugged her thin, white night coat tighter about her, gazing sadly at Harry’s form, hunched over at the edge of the water.

He didn’t notice her approaching; the pounding waves drowned out the squelching the wet sand made. Harry remained huddled over, and Ginny nearly cried. Standing there, unnoticed, she felt so helpless.

“Harry?” she whispered.

He turned; she hadn’t thought he could hear her. His eyes, usually a deep green, were hard and scared. He swallowed as Ginny met his gaze steadily.

“What’s up?” Ginny murmured, settling down next to Harry.

He twitched, but didn’t answer. Sighing inwardly, knowing this would be hard, Ginny peered at his reflection on the ocean’s water. It wavered slightly, but it still held the essence of Harry.

“Ron shouldn’t have invited me,” Harry finally muttered, slightly resentful. “I’m just putting you all in danger.”

Relieved that there was something to talk about, Ginny took his hand. “First of all, Ron didn’t invite you.” When Harry frowned, she smiled. “I did. I invited you. Second of all, we don’t care about the danger.”

She gestured at the small white house behind them. “Take my grandparents, for example. Look how glad they were to see you: You’re a symbol of hope to them, and most of the wizarding world. You were practically a stranger to them, but did you see how they greeted you today? You’re a great person, Harry, and we love you. We don’t care about the danger.”

Harry opened his mouth to speak. Ginny squeezed his hand, though, and kept talking. “I know you’ve heard all that before. But think about it. To us, you’re just another person. Not the Boy Who Lived.” A slight smile captured her mouth as she had a sudden thought.

“Harry, lean over the water. Tell me what you see.”

“I see – me.” Harry’s simple statement hung in the air, and he blushed.

“Right. To the world, you’re the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, the Great Harry Potter. That’s how they see you.

“To Ron, though, you’re ‘Harry, mate,’ and to Hermione, ‘Oh, Harry!’” Harry chuckled at her imitation.

“But to me…. You’re Harry. Just Harry.” Ginny had to swallow several times as Harry gazed at her, eyes wide. She continued in a whisper. “And I miss that Harry. I miss him. And it hurts. I want him back.”

“Where does it hurt?” Harry asked suddenly, gazing firmly into Ginny’s chocolaty orbs.

“Right here,” whispered Ginny, placing one hand over her heart.

Suddenly, Harry missed ‘Just Harry’ too. He wanted to be the free-flying, happy first year, with so little knowledge and worry, that he had been five years ago. He wanted to live his life like a normal teenager.

And he wanted to tell her.

“Ginny,” he began shakily, interlacing their fingers and turning completely towards her, “There’s a Muggle song that goes, ‘Staring out at the rain—’”

“With a heavy heart,” Ginny added, smiling. “Yeah, I know that song.”

“Well.” Harry took a deep breath. “In that song, there are some important messages. Your voice pulls me back like a wake-up call. Because you live, girl, my world has twice as many stars in the sky.” Ginny followed Harry’s eyes as he looked up at the starry sky. “I’m so glad I found an angel, someone who was there when all my hopes failed. I want to fly looking in your eyes.”

Ginny’s breath hitched as Harry’s gaze returned to her. Deep, wide pools of brown were met with electrifying, verdant puddles. They were suddenly both very aware that their faces were very close.

“You’re my angel, Ginny,” Harry whispered, his voice a half-sob. “I need you.”

He turned his head away slightly, cheeks reddening in the dim moonlight.

“Harry…. I don’t know… what…”

“I’m sorry.” He shook his head, laughing mirthlessly. “It was stupid of me to think…”

And Ginny hugged him.

It was a simple gesture, but in it, Harry knew Ginny was saying that she needed him too. More than even she knew.

“Thank you.”

“And please, Harry, let me stay your guardian angel forever and ever.” Ginny ignored the tears that ran down her cheeks. “Let me protect when Voldemort’s near, when your angry, scared, hurt…. I need to do that, Harry.”

Looking down at Ginny, her thin, shadowed face turned up to him, so helplessly full of love for him, Harry’s first instinct was to say no. He needed to protect her, keep out of all harm’s way. He couldn’t let this happen to her. He couldn’t let her get more involved with his fight against the Dark Lord than she already was.

But he nodded.

“Because you live.” His whisper shook in the air as he leaned his cheek against Ginny’s smooth hair. “You’re the only reason I can go on, Ginny.”

And, as he clung desperately to the one person who knew, the one person who understood, Harry realized he was not alone.

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