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Non-HP related Fanfics >> A lesson learned by MagicandMusic

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This is the story of me and my freshman year mainly. It's my story of realizing that I can't always hide in my world of fantasy. Its me realizing love and jealousy all at the same time. I just hope that somebody eventually learns from my lessons and doesn't make the same mistakes I did. Even your best friends and the people you love more than life itself can hurt you. Even the idiots and the complete dorks.

I suppose the real story began when I joined band. The fact is I did with my friend Stephanie and met these amazing people that I now call my best friends. But there are no exciting stories in middle school. I had my fair share of drama and fun but nothing really stands out apart from band. I have always had an obsession with music. It was the only thing I ever felt that I was good at.

So music ruled my life. In 8th grade I decided. Marching band=playing music a lot. Yea! Let's do it. I am still unsure if it was a good choice or not but let's pretends it was. So marching band. I had some friends also doing it. Stephaine, Brian, Chelsea, and my 8th grade stalker Jacob. I suppose you can say this story is all about him and I. That's where all the drama come from. You see, I have this theory that ever since I started Marching Band drama no longer follows me it rides on my back.

I had my first exposure to my section, I played the trumpet and as practically all brass sections were, it was almost all guys. But these guys were insane. They were total perverts and manically insane but they were also the sweetest nicest friends you could ever ask for. They did everything in their power to help us in anyway. I really wish they knew how much I appreciate them for that.

Next came summer practice. It was hot. I was tired and out of shape and I wanted nothing else but to quit. Most of my friends have now told me that they honestly thought that I was going to. I didn't though. Quitting something like that isn't something that I do. I may not like it but I went through with it and tried my best. My friends helped me through the heat and not being able to catch on as easily as others. I was upset at the seniors for telling me what to do and being called freshman most of the time instead of my actual name. I had no idea what else was coming.

Then we had the fated Kings Island trip. I had been waiting for this thing forever. I couldn't wait until I could drag Stephanie and Jacob on Flight of Fear. So we went there first. Jacob and I sat together. I had spent the whole like 2 minutes in line telling him it wasn't that bad. Of coarse once we got on and strapped in I told him it was the craziest fastest ride I've ever rode. He liked it anyways. I was glad. I think after that ride was the first time I ever truly appreciated his smile.

We rode some smaller rides and by noon it was blistering hot and we decided to go to the water park. The rest of our friends disagreed so we went off on our own. We first went to the wave pool. I love wave pools so much. The only thing I hate is that it gets to five ft. in there and I have trouble floating when the water is constantly moving. A half-hour into it I'm riding on Jacob's back to keep up with him.

After that we hit the water slides. Don't ever ride one that goes straight down it's not fun. He chose the slides so it was my turn to choose. The only thing left in the water park was the Lazy River. We decided to do that. I think we went about one minute before he started pushing my raft because he wanted to go do something else. We joked around for awhile and he got a kick out of steering me under the water falls until he asked what we were going to do next.

I suggested that we call Chelsea and the rest of our friends and go ride Vortex. Then he said something that took my breath away.
He said:
Are you sure? I want to go back to the wave pool so that I can spend more time with you. I can't ever remember having this much fun.

How could I say no to that?

So we hung out until about two hours there and then ride the train. Thing is I realized I had Jackie's bag. I tried to call her; her cell phone was in the bag. I tried to call Chelsea but all I had was her home phone. So we gave up and rode the train back into the park. The train let us off and the first thing we saw was Tomb Raider. I had never ridden it before, he said he had and wanted to ride it again.

So we wait in line forever and my shoulder begins to hurt and I realized it was sun burnt. I didn't give it much attention. At this rate he'd be amazingly concerned and I'm not used to attention. So we wait in line for an hour, it seemed, and then finally got on. So we were in seats literally in the middle. I look around and my first reaction is: What kind of ride is this? I don't like hanging upside down that much. With my luck that's exactly what it did and I was flipping' out.

Then he grabbed my hand. My heart was beating like crazy, half because of the ride.......half because he was holding my hand. As soon as the ride was over I looked over at him and he was smiling that same smile again and I felt like I had no choice but to look into those deep blue eyes again. He smiled and let go of my hand to undo the harness. I could tell I was blushing like crazy I didn't care. I had a crush on the dorkiest, guy in the school. I total loser and impossibly weird. And I didn't care because I was in love. We spent the rest of our day trying to find our friends. My heart was still beating rather fast but it was different because from that moment on.....it was beating for him and I didn't care what anyone else thought of it.

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