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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Minister Maddness by durmstrangstudent

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" Leave your shoes outside, I just mopped. " snapped Mrs.Weasley over the sound of the pouring rain as Harry and Ron steped inside the kitchen door." I have no idea what would make you play quidditch in the middle of a storm " she sighed as she handed towels to the to sopping wet boys. They started up the stairs to change into dry clothes. Once they where changed they went back down stairs to get ready for dinner. As soon as they reached the bottom landing they could smell the aroma of Mrs.Weasleys delicious cooking as it drifted through the open kitchen door. As they entered the kitchen they saw that the table was covered with pots and containers brimming with food. She had a tendency to cook more than an entire army could eat but they made no protests." Hey it looks like dads almost home " said Ron Pointing to the large clock on the wall. The hand labeled Arthur Weasley was steadily moving from traveling towards home. As soon as the hand hit home he burst through the door making them all jump. He stomped through the door without taking notice of the boys. He ploped heavily into the nearest chair. Unlike his usual cheery mood he looked horribly distressed and disheveled. " What's the matter dear, did something happen at work " asked Mrs.Weasly concern written across her face. "Listen for yourself " he muttered, he leaned over and tuned the old WWN radio that sat on the counter. Once he finally got it tuned in everyone listened intently as a news report came on " This is breaking news from the ministry of magic " said a voice of a news reporter "We have just been informed that the minister of magic has been killed by a rouge dementor set loose from azkaban. No one knows who set the beast loose or if Fudge was it's intended target. All the prisoners and staff at azkaban are currently being questioned. If you have any information contact us through....." Mr.Weasley turned the radio off with a soft click. The only sound that could be heard was the rain beating against the roof. Everyone except Mr.Weasley stared at each other in shocked disbelief. Mr. Weasley said in a weary voice " I don't know what where going to do, the ministry is a mess. Everyone is freaking out about who is the next minister and all this other stuff when they should be thinking of the rouge dementor roaming the streets. Not that it isn't sad about Fudge. Poor fellow, I hate to think about what that must be doing to his family." Mr. Weasley said sorrowfully. "Well, there's nothing you can do about it now so why don't you just go and get some rest" Mrs.Weasley said gently to him, for once he didn't protest. They watched him walk out the door silently.
The next day was a nightmare. People running about trying to help Mr. Weasley get everything in order. They where busy discussing some theories of where the dementor might be when a loud rap on the door made them jump. Harry opened the door reviling a man who looked as if he had a board strapped to his back. He wore crisp teal robes trimmed in gold. He had a clean- face with the exception of a salt and pepper pencil mustache. "I am here to see a Mr. Arthur A. Weasley " he said in a tart voice. Mr.Weasley stepped forward nervously and said " that would be me ". "Very well, " said the man "As Mr.Fudges layer I am here to tell you that Mr. Fudge had it put in his will that if he should ever die that you shall take over his duties as Minister of Magic.". " What!...that can't be right! I barley even know him there has to be some mistake!" Mr.Weasley stuttered flabbergasted. The others where just as shocked as he was." He says here that he watched every department in the ministry to see who would best suit the job and he said that you would definately be the right person"said the man in the doorway. " Here's my card, come by my office noon tomorrow and we will discuss it more thoroughly" handing him a card. Before Mr.Weasley had a chance to say another word the man strode briskly out of the room.

*To Be Continued*

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