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HP stories following Canon after HBP >> The Hard Life by killtherat

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A/N hey here is the beginning of what i hope will be a sucessful story with lots of reviews, (hint hint)
please note this is alternate universe where Sirius Black survived the Ministry scandal. more about the new situation in later chapters. if you dont like that type of story then you probably wont like this one.

“Now you listen here boy and you listen good,” Vernon Dursley growled to his young nephew, who was looking genuinely bored.

“I want none of this funny business! No freaks turning up on our doorstep at all hours! No more-” he lowered his voice, “Violent mugs full of God only knows what poison! I won’t put up with it this time boy!”

Harry Potter sat in the back seat of his uncle’s shiny new car; still looking terribly bored as he stared out the window, taking in the sights of London that he had not seen for a long time. “Yes sir,” he replied tonelessly. He heard his aunt Petunia scoff, as his uncle started again,

“Don’t you ‘yes sir’ me in that tone,” he said forcefully as he stopped for a red light. “And I’ll have none of that ruddy bird hooting and such at all hours! We need sleep you know!”

“She’s an Owl!” Harry said in outrage. “I can’t stop her hooting, if I could I would!”

Vernon Dursley turned around in his seat, the vein on his forehead throbbing wildly. Harry thanked his lucky stars that the car was still immobile as his uncle thundered,


Not bothered at all by his uncle’s outburst Harry simply turned back to the window and stated, “You know you, ought to keep your voice down. My godfather who is two cars behind us wont appreciate death threats.”

The look of horror on his uncle’s face was priceless. He opened his mouth gaping like a fish, before turning around in his seat, glaring at Petunia as though it were her fault.

Of course, Harry had no idea where his Godfather was, but he would never let on. A real smiled graced his lips, as he remembered saying goodbye to his now cleared godfather.

“So where is Dudley?”

“He didn’t come obviously,” said his Aunt from the front seat; “He’s having tea with Piers again tonight.”

Remembering how stupid the Dursleys were about their son he relied, “Of course.”


“ I don’t want…don’t make me…”

“There are Death Eaters here in your school tonight.”

“No unforgivable curses from you, Potter!”


“Please, please, please, no…not that, not that, I’ll do anything…”

“Sirius no! Please don’t go!”

Harry Potter awoke from his nightmare with a loud gasp. He lay still, tangled in his sheets, cold sweat clinging to his body as he tried to slow his breathing down.

He shut his eyes as he relaxed from his tension, and sank back into the pillow, rolling onto his side to get comfortable again. He sighed softly. He’d only been at the Dursley’s a week, and already he had had two dreams, this one making the total three. He raised his head to look at the illuminated clock on his bedside table. It read 5:40. His breathing now back to normal, he forced himself out of bed. He then quickly got changed into his almost worn out tracksuit, which he refused to throw away.

He quietly crept downstairs, careful to avoid the squeaking step, and let himself outside. He breathed in the cool morning air as he set off jogging down the garden path. He turned left and continued along the sidewalk, breathing in the fresh morning air.

He found running was like a release for him. He learnt quickly enough not to run flat out, but to jog at a pace that he liked. He smiled and waved at other early morning joggers as he continued his new hobby. A sense of calm crept through his body, as he concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other. Running had become like a time out, a time to just think things through. During these times he often cursed himself for letting go of Ginny. Obviously she was more than a sister to him. The more he thought of her, the more he mentally kicked himself for what he did. ‘She’s safer with out me,’ he often thought. ‘Still doesn’t change the way I feel about her.’

He continued his new hobby for a little while more, before collapsing down on a park bench panting. He rested there for a few minutes, fondly remembering the fun time he and Sirius had had, cleaning out the library in Grimauld Place. He had spent a few days with him over Christmas, when they got the guts to sort through the dusty old books, most of which contained the Dark Arts. He smiled as he remembered the long sneezing fit Sirius had had from all the dust. He smiled at the thought as he got up from the bench and began his journey back to the Dursleys’.

He slowed to a walk as he made his way up the garden path. He slowly opened the front door, keeping an ear out for any sign of movement from the Dursleys. His cousin’s thunderous snores filled the house as Harry tip toed quietly to the upstairs bathroom to take a shower.

He stood under the warm water, letting it trickle down his body as he thought of how much longer he had to stay with his only blood relatives. ‘Dumbledore wanted me to stay atleast until I turn 17.’ He swore under his breath at the thought. ‘I’m gonna go insane before I reach that.’

A loud banging on the bathroom door interrupted his thoughts. His aunt Petunia bellowed through the wooden door,

“OUT! It’s Dudders turn in there!”

Sighing to himself, he quickly turned off the shower and exited, dressing hastily.

Once dressed, Harry entered the dining room downstairs and quietly greeted his uncle, who was sitting down reading his weekend newspaper. His uncle grunted to signify that he had heard his nephew. Harry sat down and helped himself to a piece of toast as the pipes upstairs groaned slightly as Dudley turned on the water.

“Anything interesting in the paper dear?” Harry’s aunt questioned her husband as she served him a generous helping of bacon.

“Petrol prices have gone up again. They’re taking money right out of our pockets!”

“That’s awful dear,” she replied, “How much have they gone up?” she asked, feigning interest.

“Never mind that now! Look! Look at this!” he cried.

“What is it dear?” Petunia replied dutifully as she leant over his shoulder to read the advertisement.

Harry tuned out as his Uncle began babbling on about the sale that Grunnings competition Mitre 10 was having. He buttered his toast quietly, and began chewing as he listened idly to the music playing on the radio. He was snapped from his deep thought by the shrill ringing of the telephone.

He began to rise from his chair to answer it as his aunt hissed at him, “Don’t even think about answering that telephone! I’ll get it!”

Rolling his eyes mentally he nodded and sat back down and continued eating his toast.

“Dursley residence,” aunt Petunia said tonelessly. Her eyes widened in shock as the person on the other end replied.

“There is no Harry Potter living here, you have the wrong number!” she spat down the phone as she hung up. She dropped it back onto the kitchen counter as though she had been burned, with a disgusted look on her face.

“What is it Petunia?” Vernon Dursley grunted.

Wringing her hands tightly together, she briskly hurried over to her husband and whispered something in his ear as the phone began ringing again.

Harry watched curiously as his uncle turned all colors, then quickly made his way to the ringing telephone.


Harry watched, still filled with curiosity, as his usually intimidating uncle faltered. The purple color of his face changed to a pasty grey, as he turned and brandished the phone in Harry’s direction.

“It’s for you!” he growled as quietly as his voice would let him.

“Oh, ok,” he replied laughing slightly at the color of his Uncle’s face.

Trying not to smirk, he took the phone and brought it to his ear.


A/N please review, tell me what you like, what you dont like, what do you want in future chapters? etc also, big thanks to my new beta reader, Professor McGonagall! thank you!

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