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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> Ever After? by ginnypotter7

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disclamer: i own nothing!!!!!

October 29th 1989

12:00 p.m.

Potter manor
“- now the order and I have destroyed all the Horcruxes except for the one that currently exists in voldermort himself. Now 18 year old Harry will be here little while” dumbuldor said to the proud parents to be, James and Lily Potter
“thank you albus you don’t know how much this means to us ” Lily said she got up, her green robe flowing behind her feet, she walked over to her old teacher and hugged him in a fatherly hug. He looked shocked at first, but then hugged her back with equal strength. She settled back in her husband’s arms.
“are you sure this will work?” james asked
“yes I am most cretin. James I must warn-” there was knock at the door and the front door opened
“uh… hello? Is um- anyone here?” they herd a young man’s voice called
“its Harry!” Lily whispered to her husband, only albus dumbuldor had met with the raven haired child. “its my boy!” she said tears filled up her eyes and she called, “in here Harry!” soon an 18 year old man walked through the French doors that extended off the main hall.
Lily jumped out of her love’s arms and wrapped her own around the shocked Harry Potter “oh your alive, you’re here, I cant believe it.” She kissed his cheek as tears ran down her own. “Jamsie can believe it? my little baby.”
“mum.” Harry whispered “Is it- I mean, it will be all right, I-I'm here now. Nothing is going to happen to you or dad, ok?” he whispered in her ear, tears streamed down his face. She pulled away from her son’s embrace.
“look at you,” she steped back and look him up and down and looked back at james, “you look- well like”
“like dad?” He finished for her. She nodded. The 24 year old man stood up to look at his son. Lily… james said to his wife,
yeah she whispered into his mind
look at him I cant believe that we made him
I know, he looks like you
Has your eyes.
I guess so,
What should I say?
Let him talk first
And that was the end of their telekinetic conversation. Harry walked over to his father and looked him square in the eye “sir…?” his father smiled at his son’s lose for words. His father wrapped him in a loving hug “um….I um well”
“you look good son!” Harry smiled
“I-I play quitich!” he said fast
i'll say he's a seeker
no he’s a chaser
“what do you play?”
“seeker, sir”
ha ha
“call me dad, Harry, dad”
“dad then” he smiled
“i'll show you to your room after albus is done sh…” she stopped when she saw that his chair was empty. “where did he go?-
“left a note” james said lazily “like he always does dear”
she giggled nervously “ oh yeah I guess” she read the note aloud “james Lily and Harry, I shall be over latter tonight to speak with you two. See you then, albus” she looked up at her husband. “what does he mean by ‘see the two of you’ ’” she asked james
he looked up from the quittich magazine he was looking threw ” uhhhh- must be a mastake” he said, all she did was tap he foot and say: and give him a glare “can we uh” he looked nervously at their son “talk about it later, love?” she gave him a final glare. And turned to her son with a warm glow back on her face, but not before stating I will NOT forget this, dear one.
Nor will I
“ok now lets get you settled into your room now, harry” she led him out the French doors into the main hall, and descended up the marble stares that laid agenst the left wall. She took him up 2 of the 5 stories. They turned right and walked down a few doors to a plain white double doors, that stood out angest the different colored doors. She turned to him then “this it your room Harry dear…” she glanced at james behind Harry “it is a special room I will form to suite your thoughts its like…well…a bedroom of requirement, it will show your deepest thoughts and put them into your dream room. Now all you need to do is open the door.” Harry did as he was told and he gasped when he opened the door and saw deep red walls. Across one of them was a tall long window. With gold curtains that matched his blankets on his queen sized bed. There was a set of double doors he assumed led to the bathroom, the tall lofty ceiling was like the ones in the great hall. on his dresser there were pitchers of him and his friends and him with his parents (as a child). Something whizzed by his head and Lily ducked, he looked up and saw a little gold floating in the air he jumped up and caught it. He opened his hands slowly and saw a struggling snitch he let it go.
“you caught it!” james cried
“I told you I was seeker, dad”
“I suppose” he said smugly
“your just jealous you didn't save me from the big bad snitch!” she joked they all laughed. james walked over to the bed. I guess I'm off the hook?
Oh I just don’t want to fight in fought of the boy I gave birth to.
Ooh look a lady.
And bent over the side quite large table,
“who’s this?” he asked after a moment, he held up a pitcher in a frame that had red rose’s engraved in it. Harry walked closer. When he saw whom it was he smiled wide, and awnsered in a proud voice:
“that’s’ Ginny. Ginny Wesley!” his smile grew wide when he saw the pitcher,
I think oh yeah Molly and Arthur
Such kind people
In the photo: Harry had his arm draped around her shoulders. And they were smiling happily and Ginny stood up on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek. They were standing outside hogwarts.
“are you-and her…” Lily asked her son.
“yeah were going out.” He said. His eyes never leaving the pitcher. Some barking was heard by the door. It was here comes the bride Harry looked up and saw a black dog come…skipping?...in his room. “Sirius!” Harry yelled his eyes growing wide. The dog stopped in front of Lily. And the dog turned in to none other than Sirius Black.
“I told you not to tell him Lily flower.” He said pouting. She was looking at her son,
“I- we… didn't.” he black haired man waked to Harry.
“how do you know me, Harry?”
“oh well-” I thought you were trying to mass murder me when I realized you were the nice one and the rat betray your best friends, you saved me from being a werewolf, and then I saw none of you for a year and then you came to save me in the department of mysteries, plus you saved me from being a werewolf, but you fell behind a veil. Witch I don’t know there it goes. And well I think you saved me from being a werewolf “Umm-well we’ve met before” plus you saved me from being a werewolf. Did I say that?
“time turners always throw my brain off” he said
“that’s not the only thing” james said to his son “so does coloring inside the lines, casting a spell, using a cond-”
“not in front of my godchild” he said throwing his hands over Harry's ears Harry smiled
“coloring inside the lines? That’s pathetic! Worse than Ron!”
Lily looked at him with a quizzing look, Harry explained “Ron is my best friend, Ron Wesley, he and I-”
“another Wesley?” james asked “I thought jenny-
“Ginny, but yeah, he’s her brother”
“that’s a mess” Sirius said
Lily smacked him on the head. “You’re a git, Black one big, oversized git”
“Oversized!? Lilliana Paige Evans Potter I highly doubt that. I have a better six pack than your Jamsie does.”
She raised her eyebrows in response. “ doubt that, babe”
“oh yeah?”
“yeah” he laughed “i'll show you”
“i'll show you something too” and she led him out of the room with one finger on the Collar of his shirt.
“uh dad? There-” he laughed at the horrified look on his son’s face
“just joking Harry, the only thing shell show him is the kitchen. He has a soft spot for your mum’s cooking but I've never met anyone who doesn't” Harry laughed along with his father “so Har, tell me about Ginny.”
He got a goofy smile on his face and laid on his bed he felt like he was talking to his best friend , only he could never talk to Ron about Ginny“I love her.”
“does she know this?”
“yeah” he sighed and missed what his father said, for he was lost in thought
“so what?”
“so did she want to come?” he said sitting in an emerald green chair by the window
“I had to hide the time turner from her to keep her from taking it from me. I guess she’s scared for me. Its not no bad is it?”
“not at all. Why didn't you want her to come?”
“she could get hurt.” He awnsered fast. all james did was smile. Be safe Harry be safe
“i'll leave you to settle in, see you at 7” and he walked out the door, a small smile playing at his lips.

did you like it??????? Review Review Review Review!!!!!!! how much more clearer can it get? good or bad i'll take anything you wana give!

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