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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> Valintines Day by angel_in_training

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Ginny sighed as she looked into the Common Room fire. It was extremely calming. She didn't know why, people usually associated fire with mishap and disaster, but for some unknown reason, it calmed the youngest Weasly. It was a complete contrast to her life. She sat cross-legged on the floor, and stared at the fire, lost in thought.

Why is life so complicated? She thought as she tucked a stray hair behind her ear. Every year this happens. I never have a date for the Valentines Day Ball.

Sighing, she leaned back against one of the chairs, letting her legs lie out in front of her.

The Ball was drawing near, and once again, she didn't have anyone to go with. Not that no one had asked, plenty of boys did, but not the right one.

She got herself into this. Every year it is like this. When there are weeks between herself and the ball, the time when people decide whom they are going to spend Valentines day with, Ginny isn't as desperate. Her mind is clouded, and she thinks that she has forever to find a date, but when there are merely days between her and the holiday, she starts to panic.

She hugged her knees to her chest as she thought of all the boys that had asked her. She realized that it was too late to tell any of them that she changed her mind.

Neville had been the first to ask her. She had politely turned him down, but now realized she could go to another ball with him, the Yule Ball hadn't been that bad. The only bad thing about going with Neville would be that she would have sore toes by the end of the night. He stepped on her toes every time they danced, and by the end of the night she couldn't walk.

Then Dean had asked her. She turned him down, saying that she would rather go with Malfoy. The look on his face mad her feel a bit guilty, but she quickly masked it up, turned on her heel, and marched down the corridor.

The next had been Seamus Finnagin. She really didn't have much of a reason for turning him down. She decided that it was because he was friends with Dean Thomas. She knew that was a horrible reason, but she really didn't want to go with anyone except Harry Potter.

The unattainable Harry Potter.

She looked at her watch and sighed. It was half past eleven at night. She was certain that Harry and Ron were down in the kitchens still. They had asked her earlier if she wanted to go, but she silently shook her head and sat down by the fire. She hadn't moved since.

Deciding that she needed to stretch her legs, she stood up and walked over to a near-by table, just as Harry and Ron came running through the portrait hole. They were weighed down with pies and candy. They walked over to the table that Ginny was at, and dumped all the sweets onto the table top.

"Hey Gin." Said Harry, as he took a bite out of a Pumpkin Pastry. "‘Elp Our'elf." Said Ron as he shoved another piece of cake into his mouth. Ginny grinned as she picked up a piece of pie and took a bite. Apple. Her favorite.

They sat there for a long time, talking, joking and eating pie. Ginny even forgot about not having a date for Valentines Day. The subject only came back to her hen Harry had asked her if she was going with anyone.

"No." She said solemnly. She looked up at him, and saw that he grinned.

"Who are you going with Harry?" She asked. She knew that he was going with someone. He was never alone on Valentines Day.

She looked up at him when he responded. "With someone special."

She felt her heart sink.

"Who?" Ron asked, looking bewildered at his best friend. "You never mentioned anything to Hermione or me about a Valentines Day date."

"Well I want it to be a surprise." He glanced over at Ginny before looking at Ron.

Ginny cleared her throat, and tried not to sound to disappointed. "Does she even know that she is your date?" Ginny asked.

Ron shouted with laughter when Harry shook his head. "That poor girl. You better tell her before she gets someone else." Said Ron, punching Harry playfully on the shoulder.

He grinned at Ginny before saying, "I don't think that she is going with anyone."

Ginny had enough. She stood up, bade them both good night, and climbed the stairs to her dorm.

A/N: This was actually a dream I had, except it wasn't about Harry and Ginny, it was about two characters from one of the books that I am reading. Angelica Douglas and Robert Roy Campbell. Anyway, I made it into a H/G fan fic. Please Review.

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